A response to ‘Hateful, harmful, unacceptable’

Published on August 13, 2014

Oh, please give this intolerant outrage a rest!

Why do Kyle Curlew and every other LGBTQ activist label anything that doesn’t agree with their lifestyle choices as “hateful” and “unacceptable” and run to any and every court to silence the dissenters?

The self-righteousness of this group is shocking. Who do they think they are?

Christians in this country have been, and continue to be, very tolerant in accepting the rule of our nation’s laws.

Nevertheless, to a Christian, sin is sin.

This is not “fundamentalist ideology.” This is not bigotry and not hateful. Anyone who believes so is ignorant of the Christian faith.

Quite simply, Christians will never, ever believe that sin, including sexual sin, is anything but evil.

As such, Christians will not knowingly condone or participate in anything that promotes sin and, in this free country of ours, they shouldn’t legally have to.

Christians do not hate gays and at no time did the letter in The Herald say homosexuals were “evil.”

As for The Herald running the letter, it doesn’t matter which publication ran it, the response from the LGBTQ activists would be the same — an over the top, vicious attack on anyone who or anything that is “out of touch with the social, cultural and political contexts” that they have constructed in their own image.

Like the abortion debate, the same-sex debate is far from over, no matter how much the pro-abortion and LGBTQ supporters name call, demonize and litigate dissenters.  

Linda Hogan

Port Union