Kicked in the face again

Published on August 22, 2014

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador, with our tax dollars, funded the new expansion to the cancer clinic. A Quebec company was the lowest bidder on a $25-million contract by $500,000.

Let me tell you what this saving cost our economy. The Quebec company chose to ignore local bids from mechanical, plumbing and electrical companies and awarded all subcontracts to Quebec companies if they could beat or match the local companies tendered prices. The materials will be purchased in Quebec and the labour force will be hired in Quebec.

How can this be allowed to happen — our hard earned tax dollars being used to support Quebec’s economy?

To add insult to injury, Newfoundland and Labrador companies cannot obtain contracts in Quebec as they have a Quebec-only policy.

Just another case of Newfoundland and Labradorians getting sand kicked in their faces. It’s time to stand up and correct the many injustices thrown our way. (Wait until you see what the federal government gave away from our fishery again to appease Central Canada in the European free trade deal).

I do, however, offer a solution — Newfoundland and Labrador should join Quebec. Think of all the federal money we would get, the hydro-power from Churchill Falls will finally be ours and, greatest of all, we’ll be able to jig a cod when we want. Wake up, politicians.

David DuPree (non-Quebecois)

St. John’s