O’Regan situation raises serious questions

Published on January 18, 2016

Many thoughtful citizens believe that in regard to politics and politicians there is far too often little to no consideration or caring for the general public, and that politicians run a “club” which decides every four or five years who gets to join and who doesn’t. The only role the public has is to “elect” one of the political “club” to power.

Bearing this in mind, there are some troubling questions surrounding recently elected Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan and the political people associated with him.

According to his Twitter account, Mr. O’Regan has entered a  “wellness program” so he can adopt an “alcohol-free lifestyle.” In another Twitter message of Jan. 3,  he stated, “I can be most effective as a member of Parliament by adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle.”

The first question is, why, before the election, did Mr. O’Regan not inform the voters of his district, St. John’s South-Mount Pearl, that he had an alcohol problem so serious, in his view, that it would affect his role as an MP and therefore he was going to enter a wellness program  shortly after the election to deal with it.

The second question is, why did the Liberal association for Mr. O’Regan’s district not inform the people, before the election, of Mr. O’Regan’s plans of entering a rehabilitation program to deal with his alcohol issue after the election, rather than dealing with it before the election?

The third question is, why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a friend of Mr. O’Regan’s, not require Mr. O’Regan, if he wanted to be a Liberal candidate, to enter the wellness program to deal with his alcohol issue before the election?


Doug Smith

Grand Falls-Windsor