Respect poor people

Published on January 7, 2016
Telegram letters

What a vile, disgusting term from Keith Young in Saturday's “Letters To The Editor.”

Mr. Young opined about the value of “looking back” to learn from our mistakes. Great idea.

Having lauded the rejected premier Paul Davis for having “the guts” to lead the province after a Progressive Conservative spending spree (surely Mr. Young knew there wasn't a Tory with a grain of sense who would  touch the job), he likened that era to “a welfare person who had just won a few million on the lotto.”

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Spend more time looking back

Let me be clear, Mr. Young: there are no “welfare person(s).”

There are poor people.

There are people who have been battered in every imaginable way by governments, by social policies, by the media, society and — perhaps even more so — by everyday working stiffs.

Perhaps, Mr. Young, you should speak with a woman I know.  She'll tell you of the tears she wept when she had to go look for help. For weeks, she put it off.  She'll tell you of her sense of shame, embarrassment and humiliation when she had to turn to welfare.  

You see, Mr. Young, her husband was beating her black and blue; and she'd had enough.  She threw him out of their middle-class home.  

But he wasn't going easy.  

Unknown to her, he had remortgaged the house, spent every cent they had, then he up and left for the mainland.

The woman and her two little girls were out on the street.

They were now — in your words — “welfare persons.”

I'm reasonably sure, Mr. Young, that you would never us the “N” word in describing people of colour.  Please follow your own injunction and “look back” on your view of poor people.


Bob Woolridge

St. John's