Letter: Muskrat Falls and misconceptions

Published on January 11, 2017

The construction site of the hydroelectric facility at Muskrat Falls, circa July 14, 2015.

©Canadian Press

It is hard to fathom the thinking of those who have control over this hydroelectric project we know as Muskrat Falls. It is apparent that they feel it is not their worry as the money is not coming out of their pockets, and with their double pensions they will survive.

Little or no thought seems to have been given as to the future in this regard. They say they must continue with the project; they cannot cancel it. Have they done an in-depth study as to what it would take to shut it down? Could we make a deal with the feds to pay their guaranteed loans back over a very long period?

We can absorb the huge amount of money we have invested in it. We can work out a deal with Emera on power from the Churchill River. This small cable cannot bring much electricity to our island as it was not designed to do so.

These are things that I know very little about, but we have a university that can put a group in place to look at all aspects of this. Maybe we could work out a deal with someone to buy the project and finish it. It would be great if this project was going to reduce our electricity costs, but it is going to treble them. This will go on for 50 years. It will be the albatross that will kill us.

Surely there is someone in the government who has the nerve to speak up. They all cannot be yes men, afraid to fight for the people of this poor province. We have been misled by this project from the beginning, from the time of Danny Williams, to Jerome Kennedy, Paul Davis, Ed Martin, Kathy Dunderdale, Dwight Ball.

Do we continue to sit back and say nothing? Just accept the untruths that have been stuffed down our throats? Should we take to the streets in the tens of thousands to show them we are not sheep willing to be led to the slaughter?

The only right thing that can be done with Muskrat Falls is to shut it down. Do not forget that not only will you pay three times more for your electricity, but every business whose electricity cost increases will pass that cost on to you also. Even the city will have to increase its taxes.

There is so much involved in this that we have no idea at present how it is going to negatively affect our lives. If you think for a moment that your government is going to tell you, or Nalcor is going to tell you, just remember the misinformation you have had to swallow so far.