Letter: Brad Gushue for premier

Published on March 27, 2017

Skip Brad Gushue celebrates with the Brier Tankard after Team Newfoundland and Labrador won the 2017 Tim Hortons Brier at Mile One Centre.

©Keith Gosse/The Telegram

Congratulations to Brad Gushue and the team for an outstanding performance at the Brier.

Now I would like to challenge Brad to think about politics! He is passionate about this province, he has great charisma. He is articulate and very well spoken. For a while he worked in our office as a financial adviser and he is a businessman, too. He knows all about goal-setting, team-building, visualization, determination, high performance achievements, passion, and the list goes on. He lines up all his options, keeps his eye on the rock, can definitely hit the bull’s eye and is, without doubt, an all-round winner.

Our province needs an outside-the-box thinker, a paradigm shifter to effect change. For too long we have been doing what we always have done and, as a result, will always have the same as we had. Change we must.

If we are positioning ourselves for the World Brier, then what better ambassador for our province could we possibly have? Brad — what about it?

Dave Rudofsky
St. John’s