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Letter: A lesson learned the hard way

It has taken me too long to understand that life is what you make it.

There is a myth that we’re having a bad day because “we woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” When my feet hit the floor, it’s entirely up to myself how the day flows. I've gained much needed self-worth and a sense of empowerment being able to control my destiny in a positive direction. You see, I’m a recovering alcoholic. By that I mean my life is unmanageable when I drink.

Knowing I have a problem is one thing, wanting to fix it was another. Self-worth was the main ingredient that I needed to embrace the problem. After 57 years of diving into an abyss of despair, I believe I have finally grasped the self-worth I need to work on my alcoholism. It didn’t come fast, and it absolutely won’t be easy.

Anybody can drink alcohol, but not everybody can admit they are powerless over it, if they are. And not everybody can quit, if they are. I am, and I want to quit, one day at a time.


Michael Ince

St. John’s

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