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Letter: MP should address the real issues

I wish to comment on the Saturday Oct. 21 Telegram letter from MP (Fuddle Duddle) Nick Whalen.

The fuddle duddle comes from the words uttered by this esteemed gentleman in his shock on election night at actually toppling NDP veteran Jack Harris. Unfortunately for me, I am one of Whalen’s constituents. I truly hope in the next federal election, if Whalen chooses to run again, that he is defeated in a landslide. His tenure as MP so far has been totally undistinguished.

In Trudeau’s caucus he has been passed over for appointment despite being bilingual, a lawyer and an engineer. His colleague, MP Seamus O’Regan — also a rookie MP — has been appointed to a cabinet post over the heads of far senior MPs. Apparently, being a personal friend of Trudeau counts for a lot. It is 2017, after all, to paraphrase the moronic comment Trudeau made two years earlier.

The distinguishing trait of Whalen and our other MPs — all Liberal — has been sheep-like silence unless it is to baa in unison from the federal Liberal playbook.

Where was Whalen’s voice when portions of our fishery were parcelled out to Quebecers? Where was Whalen’s voice when it was intimated that the Marystown area fish plant is to be stripped of a large share of its fish quota and this quota portion handed off to aboriginals who did not develop this industry? Where was Whalen’s voice when Trudeau stipulated that millions of our tax dollars are to be handed over to convicted killer Omar Khadr? What has Whalen done to bring much needed jobs to St. John’s East? Why is St. John’s cut out of federal shipbuilding contracts, especially Navy contracts?

The distinguishing trait of Whalen and our other MPs — all Liberal — has been sheep-like silence unless it is to baa in unison from the federal Liberal playbook.

Whalen did not protest on behalf of his unilingual constituents when Trudeau — without justification, except to cater to the Quebec-dominated bilingual elite — demanded that Canada’s top judges must be bilingual. This seriously reduces the judicial talent available to fill these crucial positions. Since its inception in its long history, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered brilliant judicial decisions without having bilingualism foisted upon the court. Until now, due to Trudeau.

In his self-serving letter to The Telegram, Whalen boasts of a scheme to bring in even more immigrants into our province. Has he been idling away his time in Ottawa polishing Trudeau’s portrait in his office and not noticed that our people, especially our young people, are leaving this province by the thousands because there are few jobs offering a young family the chance to build a future here? Now he and his Liberal ilk want to import into our province unskilled immigrants who cannot speak English and will need a long time to adjust to our culture. Has he not thought of ways to bring back here our own people, our own progeny, by offering them hope instead of catering to foreigners?

Whalen appears to be a climate-change asserter and therefore supports without a doubt Trudeau’s job-killing carbon taxes and levies which will seriously hurt our economy. Whalen is a firm supporter of CETA with the EU, according to his myopic letter; the same CETA which will benefit Quebec and Ontario yet leave our province bereft of historic rights to control our own fishery.

Where was Whalen when the freedom of expression was suppressed at Memorial University regarding posters that were posted that offended the politically correct there, especially the hypocrite elite? Whalen and his Liberal colleagues did nothing to point out that the Charter right of freedom of speech should be protected at Memorial.

What is Whalen doing to seek from his Trudeau cabinet a commitment to include in the “infrastructure” he boasts about, federal funding for a new modern prison here in St. John’s? Or funding for a new mental health hospital in this city? Or a much needed new court building in St. John’s?

Whalen claims in his letter that when it comes to him and his Liberal MP colleagues that “we will have all hands on deck.” Truly, we are blessed that the Trudeau Titanic has such a spirited crew. “Ahoy, mateys!” or is that “Fuddle duddle”?


Robin Reid

St. John’s


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