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Letter: Music boosts the human spirit

Violin and piano close up
Violin and piano close up

Ah, music! What would life be without it? Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on.” What a true statement that is, for sure.

My beautiful mother recently passed away and I don’t know how I could have survived had it not been for music. Her life had such a huge impact on me in numerous ways, particularly back in the 1980s when I needed help in the worst sort of way. She provided life support for me at that critical time; she was my life.

In the book: “Let God’s Light Shine Forth,” Pope Benedict XVI specifically focuses on the importance of music in life. Music lifts people up when they are down. Thank goodness for CDs.

One thing I miss in restaurants is the jukebox. When they were around, people could play the music they liked that lifted their spirits. Many people go to restaurants for more reasons than to celebrate a birthday party; some people go to share a meal over a broken relationship, among other reasons. So wouldn’t it be great if the restaurant played the music requested by the grieving party instead of them having to listen to recorded music that may be undesirable?


David Jones
Mount Pearl

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