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Letter: Muskrat Falls inquiry — better late than never?

Going by the news of late, Premier Dwight Ball has started the process for an inquiry into Muskrat Falls. While I agree that one should be held, there should have been one before the contracts were signed and the building started. If there had been one, better options could have been pointed out and costs possibly reduced.  

As it is, it was rushed into as Newfoundland and Labrador apparently needed it and it was the best way to go. At the time the Public Utilities Board wasn’t allowed to have a look at any information. Any naysayers were kept quiet. Now that the truth is out there, an inquiry is like putting the cart before the horse.  

Hopefully the inquiry will be allowed to ask needed and all questions pertaining to costs and allowed access to any and all information it needs to finish its job.  

When it finishes it report, hopefully the report will be made public. Also, any and all recommendations should be acted on.


Gary R. French
St. John’s

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