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Letter: Road to ruin

The Route 100 Road Improvement Committee is now assessing the effectiveness of the provincial government’s summer maintenance program.

Although we were promised by our MHA in June “that the road maintenance would be completed and potholes filled during the summer maintenance program,” that has not transpired.

For us, the program was just “a pig in a poke.” Numerous issues were brought forward and the general response was that the issues would be addressed as resources and priority allow.

Without a doubt, the Argentia Access Road is the most densely travelled in the district. Also, the corridor transports the largest variety of goods and transports the heaviest loads. Yet we don’t rank high on the government’s fictitious priority list.

We are not a priority, although it is often unsafe to walk the road, it causes anxiety when it rains heavily, and prevents residents from sleeping with the noise from jake brakes or trailers pounding the poor pavement.

We are not a priority, although the projected increase in traffic volumes will continue to see vehicles race through an unmarked, lower grade school zone.

We are not a priority, yet this road will give thousands of tourists an unfavourable first impression of our beautiful province.

We are not a priority, I guess, since residents are only living along a seven to nine-kilometre neglected bottlenecked zone. 


Ray Murphy, acting chair

Route 100 Road Improvement Committee



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