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Letter: Thanks for the warm welcome

The St. John’s Kiwanis gave us a wonderful welcome to Newfoundland in early August. We had just arrived for a month-long tour around the province when Const. Jason Coombs cycled up to our campsite in the convenient Pippy Park campground.

He invited us to be the Visitors of the Week, a Kiwanis summer program, which we accepted without really knowing what we had gotten ourselves into. Const. Coombs returned the following day in a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary cruiser to take us to St. John’s City Hall where we met with one of your friendly knowledgeable councillors, Dave Lane. We were also met by two St. John’s Kiwanians, Eileen St. Croix and Lloyd White, who turned out to be the most wonderful tour guides. Their stories gave us a real feel for Newfoundland: of grandfathers going fishing, of Newfoundland fighting in World Wars, and of health issues in different parts of the province.  

They told their stories as we toured The Rooms and more stories as they drove us out to Cape Spear (avoiding The Goulds on a Chase the Ace day).

We are indebted to Const. Coombs, Coun. Lane, Eileen and Lloyd, Ches’s for serving us our first Newfoundland fish and chips and learning that “fish” means “cod.”

And we especially thank the Kiwanis for running this welcoming program. This is certainly Newfoundland at its best.


Laura Evans and Jonathon Wheatcroft

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