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Letter: Trump bashing becoming a bore

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Aug. 1, during an event with small business owners as part of "American Dream Week."
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Aug. 1, during an event with small business owners as part of "American Dream Week."

I am tired of people taking every opportunity to bad-mouth United States President Donald Trump, just because they can’t accept that not everyone in the world thinks like them (“Trump’s incessant tweets are tiresome,” Dave Randell letter to the editor, July 22, 2017). Randell’s letter is nothing more than a rant about Trump’s shortcomings, real and imagined.

Most of the letter is just nasty gossip and childish insults (“dithering Tweety Bird”). About the only thing of substance that Randell says is an accusation that Trump “hasn’t accomplished anything in his current ‘presidency,’” The single quotation marks are Randell’s, not mine; they seem to imply that Trump is not really the president. This, like most of what Randell has to say, is just wishful thinking on his part, rather than reality.

Trump’s been in the position for just over six months. What has he accomplished?

Many of the things that the media considers shortcomings — such as complimenting an attractive woman on her looks — are things that only
his enemies have a problem with.

He appointed a new Supreme Court Justice, and he fired an FBI director who apparently believed that ignorance of the law was an excuse — if
you were a Harvard-trained lawyer.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average — one of the most widely cited indicators of U.S. economic health — set 26 record highs in 2016, with 17 ofthem in the months following Trump’s election. So far, in 2017, the Dow Jones has gone on to set a further 29 records, passing the 20,000 mark in January and the 21,000 mark in March.

Trump also secured the release of American citizen Aya Hijazi, her husband and four co-workers, who were being held without trial in Egypt, within three months of taking office. The Obama administration had been campaigning unsuccessfully on their behalf for over three years.

But enough about Trump. What did U.S. President Barack Obama achieve in his first year?

Even before taking office, he stated that he should not be judged by his first 100 days. “The first hundred days is going to be important, but it’s probably going to be the first thousand days that makes the difference.”

OK, what about the first 1,000 days? The Dow Jones set no new records following his election, or in the four years of Obama’s first term.

He also abused his power by intervening in a legal case on behalf of a close friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Obama infamously declared, “I think it’s fair to say … the Cambridge police acted stupidly.” This rush to judgment against the police set the tone for a presidency that left the U.S.A. more racially divided than at any time since the ’60s.

Donald Trump is not a politician. He’s a leader. If you can’t do the job, he has no time for you. If that hurts your feelings — tough! He has more important things to think about than your hurt feelings.

“Why does Donald Trump make such obsessive use of Twitter?” Because it worked. It got him elected, and it allows him to take his message directly to the people, instead of having it filtered through media outlets that are increasingly viewed as biased in favour of the left.

If you don’t like it — too bad.


Carol Abbey

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