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  • Gary Manuel
    November 13, 2011 - 17:07

    It sure was nice to see the turn out for the towns Remembrance Day march, & hope we will always remember them even we are not around, it's up to all of us parents, grandparents, to keep in fresh in the minds of the children of tomorrow, but as i watch the march, i got the feeling of sadness, anger, & hurt all came over me at the same time really, & those words came back to me,,,, ,IT WAS A MAGNIFICENT DESPLAY OF TRAIN & DISCIPLINED VALOUR< THE ASSAULT ONLY FAILED OF SUCCESS BECAUSE DEAD MEN CAN ADVANCE NO FURTHER, said by (major general) SIR Beauvoir De Lisle. Referring to the newfounland regiment, 1st world war at battle of Beaumont-Hamel. that assault we lost 90% of our young newfoundlanders in that regiment, when i think of it, the fears they had same as u & me today, their blood as red as ours now, their screams of pain same as ours today, their last breath crying out to their moms, same as we would today, & then another thing i thought about, 1ST world war honours IN RECOGNITION OF THE NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENT'S VALOUR, DURING THE BATTLE OF YPRES 1917 KING GEORGEGAVE THE NEWFOUNDLAND REGIMENTTHE NAME ROYAL< THIS WAS THE ONLY TIME THAT THIS HONOUR WAS GIVEN TO ANY REGIMENT IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR, & WAS ONLY GIVEN 3 TIMES IN BRITISH HISTORY, now newfounderlanders don't that make u feel proud? i know they made me very proud of them,,& if i have to i can get started on our 2nd world war vets, believe me they done remarkable things during that war, & they r no less heroes in my book,, & i'm very honoured to have known some of them, as i am proud of all our vets past & present, but how did we show our pride & respect for them in our march,? we never, the flag that they fought under,the flag they died under the flag that was our flag, THE UNION JACK , for it was not flying high in the march, that is what made me sad, ashame, hurt, anger