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Recent comments

  • Bill Edison
    November 09, 2012 - 14:28

    Mr. Thompson we thank you for your service to your country and Britain. I also thank you for your service to the town of Botwood. I grew up in Botwood, served in the Sea Cadets with your son Allan and joined the Navy, as did he. We were peace time sailors but often thought of the service men and women who preceded us in the two great wars and Korea. Thanks you for your story, it was much appreciated and God Bless you and your family.

  • roy brace
    November 08, 2012 - 14:10

    Thank you for your service Mr Thompson. Without you and others, some who paid the ultimate price,possibly we would not be living in a free society today ! Congratulations and Thanks!

    • Fred Humber
      November 09, 2012 - 15:58

      A great article Mr. Thompson and true to form you are totally honest and much thought was given in your deliberation. You and others in the forestry are very well respected including Jim Hart and so many others whose names I do not know. You are right in your observations with respcect to the disregard for others that now permeates our society. This is in large part is due to the current focus on the secular and hence greed and lack of consideration is now the order of the day by and large. Nonetheless, to have lived otherwise would have meant not being true to yourseld. You did your duty and beyond and are I and many others appreciate your massive selfless contribution to so many. Continued good health. Fred Humber