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  • Beatrice Seaward
    November 20, 2013 - 07:08

    I have been a recruiter for many years for one of North America's largest Construction company's in Mining, infrastructure, transportation and offshore services...what the NL Gov't have created has embarrassed this province and is causing us to look so stupid in the eyes of the world....I was contracted to hire 30 foreign workers because the company said that they couldn't find people in Canada to do the work...I asked them to give me 3 weeks and I will find what they need in Canada that are qualified with the type of welds that were required....they said that they have tried, however...inexperienced at recruitment, they jumped on the band wagon of this effort to recruite foreign workers...so, they sent people to Ireland to recruite, however out of 150 that they have tested, none were qualified to weld the required type....so, thousands spent on material sent overseas along with manhours and to what...deliver nothing...It took me 2.5 weeks to get the 30 people they needed from out West (Alberta). Some of those people wanted to return to NL as they have been working out there for many years, but I first had to have them understand that this wasn't the boom and bust industry that has been created out west and therefore would not get the salary that they were accustomed to, but was a good wage for the island...they came...however, due to the unorganized company in terms of future schedule and requirements...they were tossed around and let go, then rehired...this is not a sound place for these workers right now...and the Union is only creating a mess with the implications that they can get them more money...so, you have the Gov't stating that there is a shortage of workers, however there isn't...you have the Company's tossing lives around with no regard to the welders lives and decisions they made to join them...and then the UNION that has always and will always create a Boom and Bust industry because they play one against the other for personal gain...it' s not for the workers...So...my statement is, Do we need Foreign workers? Maybe at times, but not offer them the wages that they are not willing to pay their own people..Have those company's that are bidding for work provide proof that they have the manpower prior to being awarded...I think that whoever is making the decision to award the work to them is not doing their job...and having one company with subsidiaries, pulling resources together for the sake of a bid and then rush to get bodies later is something that should be looked at...as the people that have the other company's have their own work, so in actual fact, the subsidiary that is bidding, should already have their people available...I can go on and on, but the answer is simple....STICK TO THE BASICS....do your homework before you bid and stop playing the boom and bust game as well as the playing with people's lives as that is where you problems lay...in the eyes of the workers...you mess with them, you loose respect and word gets around in this industry...

  • T
    September 22, 2013 - 09:37

    A good decision by a conscientious company but unfortunately our government is completely out touch with the people and could care less! Have they even heard about education? perhaps some of the thousands of unemployed Newfoundlander could learn to weld. I am willing to become one where do I sign up? Oh yea Ireland.....better get my ticket!

    • Beatrice Seaward
      July 17, 2014 - 12:07

      No, not a good decision by a concious company...ill prepared and lack of experience taking on a monster project....great, that they received the work, but should have hired someone with more experience in managing large projects at the helm...As for the Gov't...it's really not their responsibility to ensure the province has enough workers...they put the programs out there, but it really has alot to do with the attitude of the generations feeling like they are entitled to these jobs..when they are not, they have to educate themselves and apply like the rest...if you are educated, then yes, you should be given the first right to positions on the island should you qualify...if not, don't expect companies to spoon feed you. For the unemployed...there are programs there, assistance to get them...however you have to be willing to put the work in...and if not, then there are labour jobs as well...but, like most projects...you sometimes have to leave the island...teach the kids that this sometimes is a necessity...if not, and you wish to remain on the island...know that that without education...you put yourself in a competitive market and no need to cry about it...get off your behind and get educated....For those who do...Koodo's to you.