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  • Stefanie
    October 22, 2013 - 07:17

    Yes, definitely be cautious. My dog has kennel cough at the moment and I have no idea where he picked it up as we no longer go to dog parks. This the second time he's picked it up, so I recognized it right away. But I will also say this: don't be fooled by you veterinarian. I no longer trust any of them, because it's all a money grab. I took my dog in on Saturday to get some antibiotics for the cough. My vet didn't even believe me when I said my dog had it because he wasn't coughing at the time, even though I told him he has been coughing consistently over the previous couple of days, coupled with a runny nose. He examined my dog and said he was perfectly healthy. Lungs and heart sound good. Good weight. Appetite fine. Active. And then my dog started coughing for a couple of seconds, and the vet said, "Oh yes, he does sound like he has it! But it is quite possibly cancer so I suggest you get x-rays done right away." Seriously. He has just told me that my dog was perfectly healthy, and then tried to scare me into spending hundreds of dollars on x-rays, on top of the $171 I had to pay anyway. This is the second time the same vet pulled this on me, but last time I did what he said, because he told me that my dog had bloat when he had simply eaten too much and had a full belly. Moral of the story: You know your pet best. Don't blindly believe you vet because most (not all) are in it to make money. Do your research and make an informed decision!