Wearing their hearts on their tees

Nautilus runners and others showing their support for accident victim

Published on July 19, 2012
Katherine MacBay (left), Glenn Smith and Flora Seymour show off the T-shirts they will be wearing to show support for Nautilus Club runner Kelda Farrell during this weekend's Tely 10 road race. — Photo by Keith Gosse/The Telegram

Some participants in Sunday’s Tely 10-Mile Road Race will have something more on their minds than putting in a good time.

Over 100 people will be wearing special T-shirts in support of Kelda Farrell, a Nautilus Club runner who was injured in a car accident last month and who is recuperating in hospital.

Half of those wearing the tees are from the Nautilus Club. The rest are Farrell’s family and friends, and other runners who are thinking about her, explained Glenn Smith, who is on the Nautilus Club executive.

“We felt it would be nice to run as a group in the Tely race to let her know we are thinking about her,” he said.

“We are wishing her well and waiting for her to get back on her feet.”

Smith said a lot of the people who will be wearing the T-shirt, which reads: KELDA This Run’s for You, are giving up the race, in terms of trying for a personal best time, so that they can run the race together.

He said Farrell, a member of the club for six years and someone who has served on the executive for a couple of years, loved to run the Tely 10.

“That’s the reason we picked this event,” said Smith. “She doesn’t do a lot of races, but she really enjoyed the Tely 10 and would never miss it. That’s one of the reasons we want to run it for her.

“We felt we had to do something. We’re going to wear the T-shirts in other races as well.”

Smith describes Farrell as an upbeat person and, “a real pleasure to run with. It’s a real loss not having her around the last few weeks.

“You can’t get a better person,” he said. “If you asked a hundred people, no one would have a negative thing to say about her.”

Smith said Farrell runs hard and is very competitive.

“She pushes the race, for sure. She’s a busy woman, but she’d always show up for the runs, even if it was two minutes before the start,” he said with a laugh.

So while Farrell has inspired others to do their best, Smith feels those running with her T-shirt will have all the incentive they need to finish the Tely 10, for sure, this time around.