Trout season opening Friday in insular Newfoundland

Staff ~ The Telegram
Published on May 11, 2009

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says the 2009 summer trout season for insular Newfoundland (Zone 1) will open Friday and close Sept. 7.

Bag limits and possession limits remain unchanged - the daily bag limit for trout is 12 or five pounds plus one trout round weight. Possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.

Labrador Straits (Zone 2), southeastern Labrador (Zone 3), western Labrador (Zone 4) central Labrador (Zone 5) and northern Labrador (Zone 6) are open.

Zones 2, 3 and four will close Sept. 7, and zones 5 and 6 will close Sept. 15.

Management measures in Labrador include:
• Bag limit for brook trout in the Eagle Plateau management zone in Angling Zone 5 is six fish or 2 and half pounds plus one fish. The possession limit equals the daily bag limit.
• Bag limit for lake trout in Labrador is three fish per day with possession limit equal the bag limit.
• A minimum size limit of 60 cm for lake trout applies to the lakes of the Churchill Drainage Basin-Smallwood Reservoir watershed.

Special management areas opening in the province on Friday include the Indian Bay Watershed, Northwest Brook Watershed and Middle Brook Watershed.