Province has three entries in U18 nationals, which begin in metro St. John’s today

Published on October 9, 2013

Newfoundland and Labrador soccer supporters will have three teams to root for at the national under-18 male and female tournaments to be played in the St. John’s area starting today.
Most matches will be played at King George V Park in St. John’s, while several games will also be played at Smallwood Park in Mount Pearl and Topsail Field.

St. John’s is representing the province in the male division.

The under-18 female competition includes two teams from this province. St. John’s is the host team, while Mount Pearl Under-16s were added because New Brunswick is not participating this year.

Members of the St. John’s boys’ team includes Thomas Pieroway, Alex Pretty, Bobby Gamba, Joshua Conway, Ryan Thistle, Jacob Westcott, Tyler Kirby, Carter Mackey, Kyle Williams, Sean Kavanagh, Dylan Jenkins, Lukasz Nakonieczny, Justin Drover, Simon Pope, Nick Cowley, Scott Budden, Dawson Cole, Michael Delong, Josh Hanrahan, coach Steve Howell, assistant coach Don Mackey, assistant coach Paul Growns and manager Fran Kirby.

St. John’s opens the male tournament seven o’clock tonight against Manitoba at King George V Park. The host team plays Quebec Friday, Nova Scotia Saturday and Alberta Sunday.

Tournament play was scheduled to start nine o’clock this morning with Quebec meeting Alberta at King Games are scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the playoff matches set for Monday.

Female teams

Members of the St. John’s female team include Laura Whelan, Noelle Stanford, Claire Skanes, Stacey Hanlon, Keisha Younge, Melissa Reid, Jana Gordon, Alyssa Armstrong, Jane Pope, Teri Murphy, Jessie Noseworthy, Connie Lewis, Emily Bailey, Jenny Tiller, Julie Crocker, Meghan Earle, Erin George,  coach Jake Stanford, assistant coach Phil Oliver, assistant coach Lindsay Stanford and manager Pam Mackey.

The team opens 3 p.m. today against Ontario at King George V Park. They play Mount Pearl Thursday, Alberta Saturday and British Columbia Sunday.

Members of the Mount Pearl girls under-16 team include Chantel Armstrong, Anna Barry, Morgan Browne, Laura Cadigan, Chelsea Croft, Taylor Doyle, Janelle Forristall,  Taeler Kean, Jillian Lahey, Jody March-MacCuish, Laura Murphy, Kaitlyn O’Reilly, Samantha Power, Shannon Power, Emily Walsh, Haley Harris, Jillian Holden, coach Sheldon Barry assistant coach Winston Kean, assistant coach Rick Forristall and manager Linda Browne.

Mount Pearl opens 3 p.m.Thursday against host Newfoundland. they take on Alberta Friday, British Columbia Saturday and Ontario Sunday.

Tournament play was scheduled to open nine o’clock this morning with Quebec taking on Manitoba at Smallwood Park in Mount Pearl.

Games are scheduled for the rest of the week with the playoffs going on Monday.

Closing ceremonies for both tournaments are 2 p.m. Monday at King George V Park.


In all, nine Newfoundland and Labrador teams are scheduled to compete in national soccer championships starting today.

Sponsored by SportChek, the senior championships are set for Halifax, where the St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians are entered in the male Challenge Cup competition and C.B.S. Holy Cross Kirby is playing for the female Jubilee Trophy.

The under-18 male and female championships are scheduled for St. John’s and area.

St. John’s teams won the under-16 male and female titles and are ready to represent the province at the nationals in Kamloops, B.C.

Feildians male and St. John’s female are the under-14 teams for national championships which will be held in Lethbridge, Alta.


Members of the A St. John’s champions include Anna Aucoin, Jennifer Bent,  Alyssa Charsley, Alice Chen, Kathleen Dyer, Morgan Fitzgerald, Olivia Genge, Jade Hoystradt, Rachael Kieley, Guadaloupe Koen-Alonso, Meghan Marsh, Erin McKinnon, Holly O’Neill, Meghan Pierce, Alicia Stewart, Nicole Torraville, Spencer Wilkins, coach John Breen, assistant coach Paul Mullett and manager Charlene O’Neill.

Opening game Thursday against British Columbia 2.


Members of the A St. John’s champions include Kieran Bonia, Isaac Bonisteel, DJ Clarke, Scott Ewing, Iain Gambia, Zachary Gatherall, Daniel Godden-Brown, Sean Henderson, Sean Hewitt, Patrick Hickey, Brandon Howlett, Nick Hynes, Liam Major, Owen McAleese, Yamen Shahwan, Braedon Sheppard, Connor Simmonds, coach Jeff Slaney, assistant coach Steve Major and manager Paula Richards.

Opening game today against British Columbia.


Members of the  Feildians champions include Emmanuel Dolo, Matthew McCarthy, Evan Bursey, Daniel McCarthy, Thomas Osmond, Dean Turpin, David Goulding, Marcus Greene, Morgan Cole, Jordan Robbins, Tristan Wawrzkow, Stephen Haring, Josh Taylor, Ryan Connors, Seth Bryant, Felly Elonda, Saul Bryant,  coach Ian Osmond, assistant coach John Acreman and manager Hugo McCarthy.

Opening game today against Manitoba.


Members of the A St. John’s champions include Destiny Mitchell, Annabelle Caul, Briana Pender, Carragh Miller, Lauren Taylor, Hannah Cooke, Emma King-Jesso, Sydney Walsh, Jennifer McKinnon, Abigail Kennedy, Kelsea Furlong, Beth Tremblett, Kate Hickey, Brooke Riggs, Reegyn Crickard, Katelyn Joyce, Sarah Cadigan, Kristin Lee, Ashley Stringer, coach Denise Hickey, coach Scott Betts and manager Yolanda Miller.

Opening game Thursday against Alberta 2.