Stop Cutting Leave our Courts Alone!

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  I like to leave politics alone especially where economics is an issue. My Father, now long since retired, was Director of finance and intergovernmental affairs for the province Ontario for more than a decade. I still remember him telling my sisters and I how things really work within our government bodies. One thing he said to us over twenty five years ago was, "they're digging themselves into a hole that they can't possibly climb out of, and as far as I'm concerned, that's their problem, not mine".

    I, like everyone else in Newfoundland, have been hearing tales of woe and budgetary cuts going on at all levels of government and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. 

     For the most part , cuts in services to health care, education, and our justice system are never felt by the ones frivolously imposing unemployment and hardship sentences on thousands of innocent  people. Danny Williams summed it up best when he chose to have a medical procedure done in the USA instead of staying right here in his home province where we have some of the best surgeons in Canada. Education cuts mean nothing to families who have their children enrolled in private school, and the average economist rarely has to see the inside of a prison, or attend court for any reason.

     Anyone who's ever looked through the "Blue" pages of a local phone directory knows full well there are hundreds upon hundreds of government "Titles" and positions that could easily be eliminated without anyone ever noticing they were gone. So why on earth would our government reduce the quality and availability of the services that really matter?

     I don't mind helping with a loved one who's in the hospital, and I enjoyed helping my children with math and science if their teachers were too backed up. I can reduce my garbage production and even take a broom outside and sweep the sidewalk to do my part. One thing I absolutely can not do, is help our provincial courts cope with the lack of Sheriff officers or the supreme back log they will now face due to the lay off of our crown prosecutors. 

     I have a tendency to write about thing I know, it's just easier that way. As soon as I heard the news about the layoff of our St John's Sheriff officers, I immediately thought of the kind young Sheriff girl who gave her coat to my wife when she was cold. Then I thought about the prosecutor who tried so hard to have my wife detained without bail. I wondered if either one of them were on the chopping block and filing for unemployment. The prosecutor, regardless of the opposition he represented at the time, is a family man whom I wouldn't want to see walking out the door holding a box with family photo's and a desk plate. Unlike his employer, the good prosecutor seemed to genuinely care about people. 

     If you live in St John's, you already know it won't be very long before my wife(LynnAnn Noseworthy) is going to need the undivided attention of a well rested, understanding crown prosecutor during her trial for ten alleged robberies.

     What I don't want to see are prisoners awaiting trial , in custody, being delayed because our justice minister thinks he can pile an already high work load, a little bit higher. It's like playing a very real game of Jenga with human lives and it has got to stop now.

     I heard the term "1000 cuts" used by recently in the media as quoted by an MHA in regards to budget cuts. Anyone who is up to speed on their Asian political history knows what that term means. It was , at one time, a slow and excruciatingly painful way to punish non conformists and suspected criminals, slicing a piece of their body off, bit at a time  That's a pretty fair assessment only the modern blade is financial and lethally sharp. 




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Recent comments

  • EDfromRED
    April 05, 2013 - 20:04

    Too bad time machines are not invented yet. We could go back to Lamer Inquiry days and bring the Justice demanding Jerome Kennedy from yesteryear, to present day, to yell at himself. Why do so many elected officials lose their common sense? Looks like we are all getting the shaft so the rich can get richer with Muskrat Fall's.

    • Redgrave
      April 10, 2013 - 18:08

      Thanks Ed , sounds like you have a handle on what's going on. It makes me want to cry some of what I see happening to this city, government and peoples attitutes. These are real lives their messing with...breathing , feeling, thinking, loving people. They (gov) have turned into cold hearted monsters.