Reverse Thrusters Engaged! revised

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     Back in the day when Henry Ford started making automobiles, the need for a reverse gear seemed foreign to Henry. Why bother going somewhere you've already been, I'm guessing was his philosophy. Fifty years later Boeing aircraft  started work on a new reverse thruster for its line of 707 jets, simply so they could could stop before crashing and burning at the end of a short runway. People and industry were looking for functional ways to stop, or go the other way.

     Today everyone is backing up their cars with ease and jet aircraft come screaming to a safe stop most of the time at least. Backing up, reversing, looking backward and changing our mind is a natural and safe way to run any life or business, and in this case, government.

      We have to give credit to our Justice minister Darin King. Minister King spent the better part of a week grinding gears all over the province, then finally admitted he needed to consult with the manufacturer and find a way to put the latest cuts to our justice system in reverse. He did it, he past the test.

     Justice Minister Darin King has given credit to all his consults and especially to Kathy Dunderdale whom I'm sure had loads of sound advise for Darin on how to successfully 'backpedal' and make it look smooth as golden. I don't think anyone really cares how Mr King engaged those governmental 'reverse thrusters' , but he did and that's what counts.

     It is a testament to how a little bit of pressure and passive resistance to an unsavoury idea can turn around when enough people get involved. I do feel bad for those within the system who were publicly reprimanded for speaking out on the topic. Rules are rules , and I would agree that we must do our best to follow them. The reprimand may have been justifiable, but the vindication in the public eye is absolutely priceless.

     I now see Darin King is a somewhat better light knowing he did his very best under what must have been many, stressful, sleepless days as he negotiated and pleaded the case of 'The People vs Newfoundland". Thank you Mr King.

     This still leaves so many other government departments who have seen cuts, wondering if they may see some reprieve. I feel bad that they are not being given the same consideration. Perhaps with Darin King and a large group of lawyers on their side....they just may stand a chance 

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