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    This past week has been both hilarious and sad for thousands of intelligent, politically aware people all across Canada. The facebook trap clamped down on our province. 

     April 19/2013, I woke up to my Telegram knowing there would be interesting articles about the Facebook antics in our House of assembly this week, but wow! I never imagined I would be laughing out loud as I read Brian Jone's article "Facebook farce embarrasses entire province" .

     Brian absolutely nailed it when he said "Kids: don't try this at home. Mr King is a seasoned professional and has been trained to make a fool of himself" I needed a good laugh that lasted all day long. 

     As I read Brian's article, I had a feeling of pride and camaraderie as if there was a great movement taking place in Newfoundland that will be irreversible. New hero's have started popping up all over the political scene and are a true life inspiration for everyone paying attention, young and old.  

     NDP MHA Gerry Rogers stood her ground in the House of Assembly with sound resolve and overwhelming support from all directions. The last time I looked, Brian Jone's article had been Facebook recommended more than 265 times before the day was half done. This is amazing if you make the comparison with other written was explosive!

     For those of us who understand the seedy world of electronic communication, we can't help but to stand stead fast behind the bravery of Gerry Rogers. The lunacy of events within our government has reached it's event horizon. 

     Friday the 19Th of April, is a day I remember as long as I live.  I will tell my grandchildren about "The week Kathy Dunderdale sealed her parties fate"

     I'm not sure if history will record it as a comedy or a Tragedy, but I'm sure that in present day, comedians across Canada and around the world now have a 'boat load' of brand new Newfoundland joke material. (We could all do without this)

     There are so many intelligent people in Newfoundland watching what's happening, like a parent standing back as their child goes through puberty.

     It is written in media time again with lucid clarity, by intelligent, well educated writers..."We are not like the people up on the hill" as we cover our faces and walk away feeling betrayed.  

     The comedy show that was our Newfoundland legislative body this week clearly proves , we as a province are indeed...Late bloomers!

     I enjoyed the medicinal feel of laughter this week as I'm sure did so many others. It is a situation where, if we don't look at it as the funniest thing ever done by the Newfoundland Government, the only other option is to cry our eyes out in despair.

     I feel bad for Kathy Dunderdale. She has fallen into the "Facebook trap" as have so many others who are not in the public eye; for Kathy and her party... it was devastating.  

     What happened this week has most certainly sealed the fate of the Dunderdale regime. It is a blunder that went far beyond the protection of her "damage control" experts. Perhaps if Kathy had waited and thought things out before giving 'House orders' she wouldn't be in this mess. The damage is done, there's no going back.

     This week Newfoundland has acquired some new 'Political Hero's'

     The name Gerry Rogers and Brian Jones will not soon be forgotten. I am proud of the thousands of intelligent Newfoundlanders who have shown us their mettle as this embarrassing situation slowly plays itself out.

     I want to be proud of my Newfoundland Government and I know this day will come. The Facebook trap has worked it's way to the top of our world, now we can only watch as the victims chew their limbs off to get away.

     When the laughter stops, embarrassment settles in with reality. A wise female senior citizen once said to me "Something good has got to come out of this" speaking about another situation, but the wisdom holds true.

     I keep having vision's of the comedy show "My name is Earl" When Earl convinced his dad to run for mayor, he went to the "Crab Shack" (the local pub) and rounded up as many intoxicated voters as he could. We most definitely aren't looking at this with intoxication, but the will to succeed come election time, will be compelling and powerful. We won't be fooled again! Earls dad didn't win, but we will. Newfoundland is better than this! 

     What happened in the Newfoundland House of Assembly in April 2013 is a comedy show in the making. "Coming soon to a theatre near you" Every comedian will tell you, "the best material comes from real life" You just can't make this stuff up!

     Every Newfoundlander has once again been embarrassed beyond comprehension by the very people we are supposed to look up to. Our only comfort in all of this is the new hero's who have emerged and the fact that it's genuinely over for the one's who did the damage.

     Some day we'll be proud of our new government. That is a promise we know we can keep. Let's all stay healthy and when the time the right thing for Newfoundland: Exercise your right to choice in a powerful united democratic way.







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Recent comments

  • Rob McQueen
    April 28, 2013 - 07:20

    We are all IN FOR A BIG SHIFT Governments especialy, Some things will JUST NOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE Like certain Laws on the books from the 19th century for one SMALL example Roobie McQueen

  • steve redgrave
    April 27, 2013 - 19:37

    Thank you Ed, always a pleasure hearing from you. Maybe I've been a bit hard on King and Dunderdale.....ha ha!! NOT!. But seriously. I do strongly believe this latest Kathy Boo Boo cant be fixed no matter how big the picnic basket..

  • edwinfowler
    April 22, 2013 - 09:03

    Yes, Steve, what was often thought but ne're so well expressed. Truly, it is Kathy in wonderland,going down the "Dunderhole"( my apology to Lewis Carroll for taking liberties")