Inexperience brings me a friendly caution from RNC

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       Ten months ago when my wife was arrested for allegedly holding up ten locations over one night--I was determined to document every detail of everything that had happened to have caused this most bizarre event to occur. It was so unbelievable, I simply felt I had no choice if I stood a chance at making sense of it all

     I felt very strongly that this was a once in a lifetime event that needed to be well documented-- and for a million different reasons... I still do. I haven't left my computer, and the taking of notes, and scribing, for more than a day--for nine months. There is so much that needs to be told, and it's a saga of epic proportions--I had no idea what I was getting into, but it's too late to put on the brakes now.

     To date I have written more than fifty-thousand words, as neatly compiled into book form as my amateure writing status will allow. I have tried to be thorough, and accurate, while treating everyone involved with fairness and an open mind.

     This week my wife (LynnAnn Noseworthy) went through the tearfull process of listening to the evidence against her at her preliminary hearings. As usual I was right there by her side taking notes with every word spoken in the court--this would later be added to the many chapters of the chronicle of LynnAnn some time later, when I had the time and energy.

     One thing I have been noticing with more frequency, and regularity,--is that everyone involved in the case of LynnAnn Noseworthy, have shown an extreme amount of kindness, understanding, and empathy. Even those who by all right should be a little upset with the situation--have come through shining like superstars of support.

     Ironically, it is the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary that has consistently proven to be what I consider--the most polished police force to be found anywhere on this planet--and NO, I am not trying to earn brownie point with our police. I have lived all over Canada--in some of our largest cities, and it is my personal observation, that the benevolence I see from our RNC is as genuine as it gets.

    A few days ago I commited an amateur writing mistake, by writing publicly about specific events within the proceedings of the enquiry--this , I found out , is a big No No!. First I was sent a friendly 'heads up' from a popular St John's writer, which was much appreciated--Then today in court, much to my surprise--I was paid a visit by two members of the RNC. I must say, they were the 'coolest' looking cops I had seen that were not on my TV screen. A young attractive female , and her equally fit looking partner--dressed in street clothes and packing side arms with the RNC crest shining like a becon on their belt. They approached me and asked if we could go for a little talk somewhere quiet (ordered me politely). I was happy to accomodate them, and we went out in the hall for a pow-wow. They mentioned that they had recieved a report of my illegal posting (I was unaware of the publication ban at the time), and assured me that they were confident I had no ill intentions...basically, it was a silly mistake. As I mentioned before--this pair of 'television worthy' RNC constables , were smiling, and about as friendly as can be. They were a pleasure to speak with--very cool cops indeed.

     I am truly amazed--even with all the troubles my wife is going through at this time--I have yet to have a sour encounter with our Royal newfoundland Constabulary. Even my wifes arresting officer(one of them) spoke with me out in the hallway of the court, with a friendly, and most careing demeanor. The rest , I'm sure are just as kind.

We spoke about what a difference this event could have ended like in a big city like Toronto--it very well could be a post mortem enquiry. I am pleased it all came out so well, thanks to RNC experience and cool restraint. 

Like they say on the streets of Toronto--"Respect" --The RNC have earned it.      

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