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    Complaining, grumbling, and puting others down , has always been a favourite passtime for the people of Earth--I know, alot of you thought it was a Newfoundland thing, but it's not--we're just particularly good at it. If they gave out awards for the most complaints in a single season, we all know several  candidates from around the world that would have a full trophy case. This applies anywhere on earth.

     I've used that word "they" as the people who we look up to to make our world as perfect as they possibly can. The group know as "they" have done amazing things over the years. They, put a man on the moon--they, built our roads, jet aircraft, and found ways to pull oil from the most unsuspecting places on Earth, including the deep waters of the Flemish Cap--a bonus for Newfoundlanders. 

    I think we would all agree the group known as "they" have truly done some incredible things in the past hundred years or so. But, how many of us think of ourselves as part of that group? The fact is--all of us are a part of that respected group of overachievers. It is the people of any great Nation that keep the wheels turning. The fact that we are left out of the high level negotiations is another topic, but we trust we are being represented well. And to those who are part of those negotiotions--I hope you're thinking of our families on the outside, and yours. 

     Change is one constant of time that we can all count on. Some of us embrace change, while others resist. In this case resistance (in the big picture) is futile. The grandest changes come naturally, and are are almost never the creation of man.

     We used to think our Planet turned at a constant rate and angle to the Sun. This theory was altered in 2004, whe a magnatude 9 Earthquake in the South Pacific changed the rotation, and angle of the Earth enough to shorten our days my a nano-second. Yeah! I get off work a bit earlier (no disrespect for those who lost their lives in the subsequent tsunami). Point being, change came that day without any input from man.

     Stepping it down a knotch, and bringing the subject back to Newfoundland--what can we do to change things for the better? We all want a resonable quality of life, and access to some of the fun things that the rich and powerful enjoy from time to time. Some things we will never get to do, and that's just the way it is--but, it doesn't mean you are not every bit as happy as anyone else, no matter what they do for a living, or how embedded their lives are in making decisions on our behalf. You are an intricate part of everything "they" do. It is a natural empathic emotional response for most people to be more willing to help others, who put an effort into helping themselves.

     I always taught my kids--when you can't do exactly what you wanted to, "do what you can" and keep on slugging. I never knew if this philosophy was sound advise, or not--but, after thirty years, it turned out that it was. 

     When I first immigrated to Newfoundland four years ago from the mainland, I was full of petty complaints-- mostly about infrastructure, roads and other insignificant  things I saw everywhere I looked. It took me a long time to fully understand that this is the way it is, and I was coming from provinces that were flush with cash at every turn. People of Newfoundland were simply doing the best they could under extremely tough financial, and geographical conditions--now, they're doing even better. 

     I have since changed my way of thinking, and now look at all the positive changes I see in St John's that have taken place since I arrived. I have been watching this city, and province, 'grow up' before my very eyes, and overall, the changes I see are very positive.

     The province, in general, seems to have a direction, as does the city of St John's. I am going to make a habit of looking for positive changes I see, whether it's a house being painted in need of repair, or a brand new road free of damaging pot holes. Things are happening , and our mood should reflect that.

      Everyone, from small children, all the way up to the most senior of seniors, responds better to words of encouragement, rather than a scowling complaint.

     I challenge everyone, industrialists, to politicians, all the way up to the single mom on assistance--to not only do your best to help improve our lifestyle, but to encourage , and reward with kind words, those who are out there doing their best. 

     We are awesome people--let's prove it to ourselves once and for all. 

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