Newfoundland's maturation is right on track

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There is no way I'm going to get into political, or financial statistics about Newfoundland--it's boring and unnecessary for a layman's analysis of the variance between demographic groups in our province. Clearly, there is a strong forward movement happening that has improved our optimism for Newfoundland's financial future--a solid future that effects all of us.

     Newfoundland's best, and brightest civilians have been taking an active role in helping set the stage for our province--in preparation for what is sure to be, an exponential growth spurt over the next twenty-five years. There is no amount of fish that could ever match the stability of the great fiscal years we may have ahead of us. The old school ways of thinking are long past for Newfoundland--and most people couldn't be happier.

     What the average person in Newfoundland has trouble seeing right now, is that life will eventually improve for their families, their children, and grandchildren. And, what a lot of people are missing, is the effort being made by civilian business people of Newfoundland--helping to get our cities and towns prepared for the highest level of participation in the world. Our province will be a Canadian financial 'superpower' (nuke free) and when we peak with world respect, our kids should be more than ready(even thought us older folks are a little behind).

     I've said this before and I'll say it again, only because it's such a valid, and tangible point. Newfoundland is better now than when I arrived here just three short years ago. The people of Newfoundland made this happen, and we've only just begun. I just happen to be here at the right time.

     The Dunderdale government has gone through a lot of challenging times in the past 24 months. They have made some decisions that haven't sat well with many Newfoundlanders, including myself. However; standing back and looking at the situation, I have to have some empathy for the tough issues they've had to deal with and I fully understand how some of their mistakes were made, and why some decisions were reversed. Government can not always fully explain their long term goals without severe criticism—long term prospects are not what people generally want to hear.

     Overall, what makes for a good government, is one that can recognize, and act upon it's errors with relative public approval. I have been critical of the current government in the past, but given the size of the shark tank they've been thrown into, they have done the best anyone could have expected. Big industry will move in it's own direction regardless of leadership, but it is without a doubt the efforts of the smaller business and property owners, that makes the difference between average, or the best of the best.

     I have had the pleasure of being associated with business owners in St John's since the day I arrived on the island. Although not a part of any government organization--they have had the ability to look towards the future by investing in the rebuilding, and resurection of vital heritage properties, and interests within their reach. These are average Newfoundlanders who have invested their own time and money--relying on pure faith in the historical fortitude of the province they call home.

     There are probably thousands of similar stories of civilian participation to be told--equal in thier long term value. We will always look up to our government for direction, and should maintain our vigilance in making sure they have our futures at heart--but, they can't do everything for everyone. We are the one's who are building the stage--and we are the ones who will work in concert. Big industry, and world banking has come to Newfoundland for good. Lets give them a home they never want to leave, and use it to our advantage.

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