Learning to respect the new Dunderdale

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No, Kraft Dinner hasn't changed their formula, thank God--if they did, my family could lose their favourite snack food. I'm talking about the new kathy Dunderdale I've been seeing in the news, and on television.

     Does she seem more relaxed, and confident, or is it just my imagination? I must say, relaxed and confident, is the visual message I've been seeing lately, and I like it.

     Kathy's PC party has reversed all of their budget cutting decisions that were bound to effect myself, and people I love--effectively taking away my main reason for ever being upset with her in the first place. But, what about all the other issues that didn't effect me? Should I have a reason to still be upset in any way?

     I asked myself this question after I took a long hard look at the reasoning for why the PC party did what they did when it came to slashing jobs, and cutting funding almost everywhere seemed to hurt the average person. It turns out there was some extremely sound reasoning behind those cuts, and unless a person puts on their glasses, turns off the television and radio, then studies what Kathy's long term goals are--we'll never understand why, even though it is for the greater good.

      Unfortunately, we live in an instant world , where everyone wants something for nothing (including myself) from our government--and we have a lot of trouble envisioning the future several generations down the road, to another time that won't do anything for us right now. After all, I'm alive now--I won't be alive in 2060...why should I care?

     The term "greater good" seems to be a lost paradigm in the New World Order which we have dived into headfirst as a province, and, a distinct people. Newfoundland has longed to be as prosperous as some of our richer provinces. Fought with Ottawa over foolish battles of wits, that by today's standards were nothing short of foolish and unproductive.

     The new Dunderdal Party seems to be looking at the whole province, and, for the first time ever, is looking a half century down the road with it's planning for the future. Instead of fighting with Ottawa, we are now negotiating...like the civilized adults we are.

     When Kathy Dunderdale took office , she had never been a premier before in her whole life. It has taken her a couple of years to really get polished at her job. The whole situation reminds me of when  was young, and doing my flight training in Alberta in 1983. I could land, and take off, and do a few other things, but you wouldn't want to place your life in my inexperienced hands...that's for certain. 

     Within a few years after becoming a licensed pilot, I had hundreds of hours of flight experience, along with the privilege of additional training by a WW II fighter pilot. I learned how to do things in that Cessna 172 that they just don't teach you in regular flight school-- and, I had my share of extreme weather with life threatening emergency situations to deal with in real life.

     Today, any passengers that fly with me, can be assured, they are in the best hands possible--simply because I had the chance to learn, and, learned from the best.

     Useing that experience as an analogy and comparison--Kathy Dunderdale has gone through her flight training, been confronted with emergency situations, kept a cool "aviator style" calm about her--and landed safely with all passegers safe, and right on schedule.

     Just like the Captain of your jetliner, who does a lot of planning, and safety checks their passengers don't get to see--so does our office of the premier.  Training a new 'rookie' Captain could prove detrimental for Newfoundland, especially since the controls in this new system are new to everyone. Kathy Dunderdale has been checked out, and certified to fly us anywhere on the globe.

What I'm trying to say, is it takes time to learn, and even more time to get really good. I never thought I would be saying this—but, I think Kathy Dunderdale has the potential now that the dust is settling, to become the expert we need sitting in the left seat.

I liked the new style she's adopted talking about the purchase, and negotiations to purchase Hybernia, and I'm sure it's not a fluke. She truly is becoming an ace. She's in charge of the most complex provincial government in Newfoundland's history, and deserves an opportunity to show us her mettle, and new flying skills. Some will joke that that's where kathy belongs—up in the clouds, but, where better to get a great look at what's going on below you?



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Recent comments

  • james
    August 22, 2015 - 10:02

    she took the heat the little man dan, He never had the you know what to hang around

  • Ron Tizzard
    August 24, 2014 - 11:24

    From above.... "What I'm trying to say, is it takes time to learn, and even more time to get really good. I never thought I would be saying this—but, I think Kathy Dunderdale has the potential now that the dust is settling, to become the expert we need sitting in the left seat". Second-chances are nice...but I'm not sure if Burton Winters would agree!!!! All Premier Dunderdale had to say was "go get Burton". SHE DID NOT.... no second chances there!