Kathy Dunderdale The New 'TOP GUN'

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As I had mentioned in another article related to kathy Dunderdale--it seemed as though she truly has become more confident, and slid into her role as premier quite nicely. Granted, a few things have been going her way lately, like settling most of the Muskrat fall deal--but if we pay close attention, it's clear to see she has gone through some personal improvements that can only be good for her and the PC party.

As Pam Frampton pointed out recently, Kathy had stated “I want to thank an individual who is not a Newfoundlander and Labradorian, but without whom, this event would not be possible,” As a mainlander , I was very happy with the compliment and took it personally. It's hard to find a Newfoundlander with anything positive to say about ...well, everywhere else in Canada. I'm not sure why--we all love Newfoundland.

This is the kind of 'new' kathy Dunderdale, that I feel has 'all the right stuff' to be leading us past 2015. Kathy's party most certainly went through some very rough years, plagued with stress from all direction--yet she has pulled her government out of its nose dive and is back in full control.

     I have a few personal questions, like--has Kathy been acting, and carrying herself well with Ottawa, in order to secure long term financing from Stephen? Or, if a crisis of one kind, or another should emerge, out of nowhere, over the next few years, will Kathy Dunderdale maintain her new demeanor of cool rationale--like a commercial jet pilot who knows exactly what river to land in after sucking up a flock of our geese?

     Personally, I think she can, and will, be able to handle any crisis that gets thrown her way from now on in. Kathy Dunderdale has made it through her 'learning curve" , and now she's ready to take formation with the other experienced Captains. Kathy is not afraid to ask questions when she has to, or 'back pedal' decisions that may be made in haste. These are qualities that can not be purchased, bought, or paid for--they must be earned--it's called trust. To date, no one else out there has a party in Newfoundland who can prove even a fraction of these qualities.

It's time to wake up to a fresh coffee, and say "She ain't so bad at all" Lets keep her! 

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