Where would we be without our Telegram?

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Every morning for the past few years, I've had my routine of coffee and sitting down to read the web version of my morning telegram.Why not?, it's free , and most of the big news is there , along with opinions and other desirable columns.

     I also noticed that inside the door of my local convenience shop is always a stack of freshly printed and delivered Telegrams, but not onec have i ever sprung the dollar to pick one up and take it home. I never gave this much thought, until later that day the very same stack of newspapers was still seemingly as large as it was hours earlier that day.

    This got me to thinking--how does the Telegram earn a living when most people are simple reading the 'watered down' version on their home computer.

    When I received a phone call from  a telephone solicitor asking if i wanted to buy a web subscription to the Telly, I was apprehensive at first. Then when the nice girl explained that for only $8.00 per month (tax included) I could have full access to the entire paper, I thought about it for a few seconds--then agreed to sign on.

   What the heck?, I thought. The Telegram has always been there for me whether I pai or no, and I felt it was my civic duty to cintribute something to help keep our Telegram alive and well.

   The Telly doesn't always write material I agree with and I know I write a lot of material they don't agree with, but--they've never failed to be there for me, and the rest of our province. No one can accuse them of not being fair. A little bias at times, but, always fair.

   Money is tight for me as it is foe everyone, but, my credit card is not going to explode over eight dollars per month, and i feel good about paying for all the hard work the telegram spends puting this paper together , on time, everyday (except Sundays and hollidays).

    I would hate to see the telly go away for lack of paid readership. The alternative to morning reading other than the Telly is enough to open my wallet for.

    This may sound like an add for the Telegram, but, I assure you , it's 100% reader comments. Another thing we can always count on from our Telegram--fair play.

     If you're like I was and going along for a free ride, think about what may happen a few years down the road--it's not a pretty picture. When a nice girl, or guy calls you up to subscribe--just say yes. You're not wasting your money like Rob Ford. 

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