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There is one week left for the Opposition to try to hold Kathy Dunderdale and her government to some account over this Muskrat Falls deal, and to show the people of this province that if realized, it will be an absolute fiasco.

And for those of us keen on following along with this, especially by tuning into the live telecasts or webcasts of the House of Assembly (I, myself, preferring the convenience of the webcasts found on the House of Assembly’s website), we have one more week until the fall – if Dunderdale opens the House before October 11th’s election – to watch this Premier in all her edgy and discombobulated glory stand in the House and try to explain the economics of this deal which she has great difficulty doing, hence the recently coined term "Dundernomics".

It leaves me dumbstruck that Kathy Dunderdale and her sickeningly obsequious puppets can push for a deal that is going to put us in serious fiscal trouble, not to mention making it more difficult for the citizens of this province – especially those who are poor – to afford their electricity seeing that bills are expected to double to pay for this vanity dam most necessary green project for this province and country.

Talk about self-interest no matter the costs.

I think if this megaproject goes ahead, and heaven forbid, that once we see the astronomical spike in our power bills, we really could call ourselves “Dunderstruck”.

It would very much be like being shocked by thunder and struck by lightning, as the shock felt by citizens in this place will reverberate throughout the island and throughout Labrador once it hits us all.

It truly amazes me that most people don’t seem to care and seem to feel that this government does what is in our best interests all the time, since they restored our pride and all and singlehandedly made us a have province. And because the Opposition is so weak. People really need to get past the mythology of Kathy Dunderdale’s predecessor and his wizardly ways, because I think that alone is why people are not apt to scrutinize this deal - because he signed it - and seriously tune in to what is about to happen here.

I do not oppose this deal as a partisan only, but as a concerned citizen who does not want to see the fiscal future of this province “shafted”, nor wants to see her own power bills skyrocket to pay for this misguided legacy deal.

Why should the people of this province today, and their children, have to pay for outsiders’ energy, our energy that they get and effectively have subsidized by us?

And why will we have to pay a mint for our own energy?? (That’s a rhetorical query as I know the practical answer if this deal goes forward.)

How anyone cannot see the entirety of this as absolutely ludicrous and injurious for us, both personally and collectively, truly escapes me.

And as broke about a week ago now, Dunderdale is keeping Muskrat Falls away from the Public Utilities Board.

That is quite shady and suspect, and the people of this province need to ask questions and to demand answers about this particular decision.

Dunderdale and Co. like to patronize and distract, during Question Period in particular, but keeping this deal from PUB scrutiny under the hollow and quite frankly untrue rationale that time doesn’t permit is an insult to injury here, the injury being this deal if it happens as it stands right now.

This PUB exemption, regardless of which government changed the legislation allowing for that, distracts from the real issue which is: what exactly are the economics of this deal and how is it going to impact this province fiscally for now and for the near future?

Dunderdale is using this very exemption to keep the PUB away from this Lower Churchill deal and there is something as putrid as the massive reek from Robin Hood Bay about that calculated action. And she sidesteps the reason why she has done this and lamely attempts to make it all about the Liberals’ legislation from 1999 that exempted any Lower Churchill deal from PUB oversight.

If this particular deal passes the smell test, then why is Dundergov so adamant about exempting it from the PUB’s cost-benefit analysis? The exemption also means no public hearings, which is, too, convenient for a government that has a rotten megaproject it is trying to push forward.

Why people en masse in this province are relatively quiet and complacent about something that is going to wound us economically like this will -wounding both the provincial treasury and citizens’ pocketbooks – is really puzzling to me and hugely disappointing, especially with an unelected Premier at the helm right now who seems not to be quite sure of what it is she is selling.

And if she is unsure and all over the place in her explanations and justifications, how can we be confident in her and in this deal?


We cannot.

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Recent comments

  • WCR
    June 21, 2012 - 11:12

    Well, thanks guys, if this so called BAD PROJECT doesn't go ahead you will have many more Newfoundlanders out of work including myself. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THE ELECTRIC BILL ISN"T GOING TO GO UP???? With or without Muskrat Falls, it WILL GO UP! It's tied to the oil prices. HOLYROOD burns OIL to give stupid is that? Just because the opposition got in an UPROAR (and believe me if they were in power, they would be pushing this project and we all know it)...they make the people of this province SCARED! It's been nothing but a FEAR CAMPAIGN....hey I really don't like Dunderdale? I think she appears a Nasty person and she doesn't have much experience dealing with BIG BUSINESS but you people will shoot yourselves in the foot if this project doesn't go through...and by the way, you are not paying for all of it... So you can change that thought now! Guess I will have to head back to Alberta YET AGAIN! Thanks!

  • Babyboomer
    January 30, 2012 - 01:36

    I agree with Judy. Private industry should pay tor this project. Otherwise, we can't afford it and it will put us back in bankruptcy mode. Or bankruptcy for average and poor citizens. We still have a huge debt and altho we've just come out of bankruptcy mode since confederation, we will be back there in an instant. Reg retirees will have to move elsewhere with the high prices of everything. Population decrease. Sad and it will never go ahead this way. At a time when the Feds are talking ot dismantling the OAS for baby boomers / future seniors who have paid through the nose all their lives. Some writing in here are obviously from the upper crust regardless of political stripe and the rhecteric here. Long lineups at foodbanks? Utilities disconnected? Over our dead bodies. And Shannon, people are very upset, scared and definitely not complacent. Everyone's fighting back and verbalizing at the gall of this gov or Danny's gov to try and fund this on the backs of reg folk. Reg folk are not a business to fund big mega projects. At least the gov of Alberta were wise to give something back. No sales tax, low tax rate and a heritage fund. This gov wants to suck the life out of us along with the Feds. Both Pc's - figures. Dunderdale will be voted out next time as Danny would have been. Prob why he left in a hurry.

  • jas
    October 05, 2011 - 05:15

    people need to realize that the only reason why the PCs got so many vote's an seats the last time was because they voted for Danny Williams in the last election ,not the candidates.i'll be voting liberal like a good many others.

  • Chris
    September 28, 2011 - 20:02

    Whatever the government does will "hurt the pocketbooks" in the short term. We are at a unique point in our history in this province in which we have both the political will and financial backing to pull off this huge hydro project. I keep hearing the naysayers like yourself go on about higher electricity bills in the short term or complaining that other parts of this resource should be developed first. Do you really think we will have another kick at developing this resource without having to give the lion's share to Quebec (like the Upper Churchill) or Ottawa (like Hibernia)? Right now we have money so unlike Mr. Smallwood we don't need to sign a lopsided contract like he did with the Upper Churchill. Also, we are at a moment federally, where the government in power is not dependent on Quebec for its seats. Do you think the NDP would side with NL in a move that would not benefit Quebec at this moment in time?

    • Judy
      October 05, 2011 - 15:49

      Chris, If we have money as you mention, then why are they funding this on the backs of poor NL's? Why double our utility bill when we should be getting a reduced 1/2 cost rate and being rewarded, getting something back. Why not fund it on the backs of the upper crust and busines people who are voting in the PC's to earn more profit on their businesses. The rest - other half of population will hurt dearly. That's the problem with this deal. Half will benefit, half will hurt. Seeing Dunderale is in the upper half, any wonder a stupid deal like this is being made on the backs of NL's. I disagree. It is another Joey deal in a sense that we are being promised the world, but instead being delivered rotten eggs, no different than Confederation or Upper Churchill. In my view, another bad deal at a time when we had the opportunity to do it right and go down in history as proud - even if it is only a little Lower Churchill deal, a mountain out of a moehill. Smelly Muskrat it will be known as, it it is pushed through and more important, if people are so stupid as to vote for it and PC's/Dunderale. And I am of no political stripe. We also need clear answers as to whether NDP support this or not. We know the Liberals don't. Let's hope they hold to their word. Because many of us really don't know any more where we stand on this. Everything hush hush by 2 parties anyway. Furthermore, if they have the money as you say, let them pay for it without involving NL's or taxpayers or doubling utility bills. It's rediculous and highway robbery. The ends do not justify the means and in this case the gov has no means to fund this project - except on the backs of poor people (who cares about the rich, they can afford to throw away or donate money). We should have a referendum on this rather than having it shoved down our throats. Democracy alright if you are rich or upper crust and earn profits from this deal or its spin off. Amen

  • Do not increase our electrical bills to pay for this
    May 25, 2011 - 07:56

    Until Premier Dunderdale can convince me that my Electrical Bill will not rise even one cent because of this proposed development, and she addresses the Provincial Pension Plan deficit to the benefit of the penshioners so that they can pay their electrical bills in the future, I will not support this development. And besides I want to see a contract that contains the necessary clauses that will assure that this resource will not fall into the hands of globalization. Let us take a lesson from the story contained in the address below. I have to give a lot of Thanks to ex-Premier Williams here, it was a pretty smart move on his part to reveal what is contained within the article. Ottawa should also listen, it was responsible for what happened to the resource contained within this message. The article is titled "Newfoundland has a lesson for Canada on globalization". The Roil report on the 18-month strike at Voisey’s Bay nickel mine in northern Labrador is an eye-opening case study in 21st century globalization, and has the potential to be a game-changer. It is the final output of an industrial inquiry commission appointed by Mr. Williams in October, 2010.

  • Shannon Reardon
    Shannon Reardon
    May 24, 2011 - 08:15

    Should be a line through "vanity dam" which I had there when submitted and which would make the sentence containing it make sense.

    • Andrea
      May 24, 2011 - 10:07

      Hopefully the people 'en masse' will speak this fall and give the PC's a boot in the butt, or at least dwindle their majority to a minority with an NDP/Liberal opposition. The problem is that the Liberals are correct to be investigating this project, but, they are so unorganized and lacking credibility which is leading people to not take them seriously. The Liberals also cannot make any ground by recycling candidates and bringing out the has beens from days gone by (Joyce, Dumaresque, Grimes, etc) This is what is aiding to the demise of the Liberals and their inability to get the public engaged in this issue.

    • Shannon Reardon
      Shannon Reardon
      May 30, 2011 - 00:59

      Thanks for the comments, Andrea. I completely agree with you that we desperately need a stronger Opposition. And that there is still massive disarray in the Liberal Party, even despite the relatively decent Convention held this past weekend, if small. And that is the problem: the Liberal Party and its support is still far too small and unorganized, as you say, for people en masse to vote for them in October. New blood is desperately needed, but there needs to be lots more, not only a few new faces. I hope, as you do, that the Opposition strengthens, electorally anyway, come the fall and that we see the PC's get exactly that: "a boot in the butt". As for Muskrat Falls, it seriously needs to be investigated by everyone in this province.