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Ashley Fitzpatrick - Of Rock & Sea

Crack spreads and the wheel of fortune - This should go without saying, but I won’t let it. Maintaining an oil refinery in this country is tricky business. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has jumped into the middle of what could have been a straight business decision regarding the future of the oil refinery in Come by Chance. It agreed to taking on specific environmental liabilities, to see a sale of the facility that would include it staying in operation. That will be a point of great contention, political debate, potentially shoes hitting desks or flying through the air towards podiums — certainly further coverage in the near term. But the discussion will need to (or not, though I’m hopeful) factor in some basic refinery realities, plus consider the challenges tied to having a region of the province overly dependent on a single company, perched on the edge of the oil and gas wheel of fortune.   Money, that’s what they want Refineries are all about the “crack spread.” If you have no idea what that is, don’t be frightened. It’s for the most part a fancy name for what is familiar to all manufacturers — cost pressures as defined by the cost of raw material going in and the value placed on product going out. In the oil business, the numbers are volatile. “In 2008, for example, crude oil prices spiked almost 20 per cent higher than the price of refined petroleum products. Since then, crude oil prices fell by nearly half, but prices for refined petroleum products are near their 2008…

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James McLeod - Briefing Note

ATIPPA review submission - On Thursday morning, I'll be presenting to the ATIPPA review committee chaired by former premier Clyde Wells, along with retired journalist Doug Letto and former federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart. I’ve already provided a written submission to the committee, and my presentation will cover the same ground. I’ve already written for the newspaper about why I feel it’s important to make a presentation to the committee, and the inherent conflict that presents as a working journalist. You can read that article here. In the interest of full disclosure, I just wanted to post my full written submission in this space, so that people can form their own opinions. You can also watch the live stream of the commission hearings at this website: I’ll be presenting at around 9:30 a.m. If you miss it, it looks like the videos are being archived so you can watch at your leisure. Anyway, here’s my full submission. If you’ve got any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me by e-mailing or leaving a comment on this post.   ATIPPA Statutory Review Submission By James Mcleod The Telegram   My experience with the ATIPPA system is primarily as a user. My job is to report on government and politics in Newfoundland and Labrador. To do that, I need reliable information about what government is doing. In theory, the most reliable source of information about government activities is the records within government which document day-to-day government operations — what happened, what information was available…

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Geoff Meeker - Geoff Meeker (Meeker on Media) Blog

Herald in Hot Water - The Herald has landed itself in a cauldron of scalding hot water, over its publication of a rather detestable letter in its August 3-9 edition. The letter, written by Matt Barber, a far-right extremist in the United States, is as mean and intolerant as Christianity can be. It’s the kind of thing you see shared on Tea Party web sites in the United States. Indeed, it’s as if someone trolled a hook through the depths of the Internet, pulled up something ugly and slapped it on the pages of The Herald. If you want to read the text, here’s a link: Western Pride in Corner Brook has filed a human rights complaint with the police about the letter and LGBTQ activist Pamela Sheaves has indicated that she plans to do the same, while St. John’s Pride issued a letter saying they will not pursue legal remedies at this time, planning instead to “work closely with the Herald and the media at large to establish a forthcoming LBGTQ Style Guide for Journalists.” I am an atheist so the column offends me on a number of levels – especially Barber’s accusation that the “secular left” is at war Christianity. I don’t agree with this. I think secular society in the western world is quite tolerant of various religious beliefs. If anything, it’s Christianity that has a hard time with changing societal mores. And that’s the whole point of Barber’s letter: the suggestion that Christianity is under attack. This paragraph pretty much captures the gist of it:…

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