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Jackie McCann-Scott - Invested Mama

Charlene’s Budget versus Danny’s Bucks - Watching Finance Minister Johnson pose with her pre-school daughter for pre-Budget pics, I was struck by an obvious revelation: she’s an Invested Mama too! Contributing to her community, her province and society at large. Living her best life. Letting her light shine. Setting an example for her child and serving as a role model for women everywhere. Of course this budget would have an Invested Mama touch … duh! In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this year’s provincial budget was downright maternal. Let me explain. One of the main reasons couples cite for waiting to start a family is lack of financial readiness. Let’s face it. Nothing kills the romance like $30,000 of student debt. However, the government predicts that the proposed change to the student loan program – in particular the phasing in of non-repayable grants – will save new grads (and potentially future parents) $5,000-$12,000. I don’t know about you, but just writing that got me in the mood. The other part of this year’s budget that could boost the birthrate: full day Kindergarten. Can I hear an “Amen” to that? I cannot imagine how much of a financial blessing one less year of full-time daycare would be to a family. Actually, I can imagine it. I’ve lived it. About five years after graduating from MUN – and with the end of our student loan debt in sight – hubby and I got the baby itch. We got it bad. We’d finished the basement in our renovated bungalow, added…

Photo : Jackie McCann-Scott April 02, 2014
Photo : Telegram Photographers April 16, 2014

James McLeod - Briefing Note

Adventures with ATIPPA… - Adventures with ATIPPA… Back in late February, I filed a few ATIPPA requests to Nalcor. Some of them are still working their way through the process and you’ll probably hear more about them later, but I just wanted to post a quick note about one weird one. Naively, I requested the following documents from Nalcor: “Text of all signed procurement contracts by Nalcor Energy or subsidiaries related to the Muskrat Falls and/or Labrador Island Link project.” Hoo boy. A couple weeks later I got a call from the access to information co-ordinator for Nalcor. There was a little problem, or rather, a very, very big problem. At the time of my request, there were more than 2,400 procurement contracts related to Muskrat Falls and the island link, totalling a whopping 93,000 pages. As the act is currently structured, at least one person would have to go through all of those pages — paid at a rate of $25/hour — and redact the juicy bits. I told Nalcor that I absolutely did not want to pursue this request; there’s no way The Telegram would pay what would literally amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, I said, I wanted to see the formal cost estimate. I just wanted to see the really, really, really big number out of a perverse sort of curiosity. Last week, I got another email from Nalcor. They were formally refusing to even provide me a cost estimate. In a nutshell, here’s their explanation of why: “Nalcor Energy attempted…

Photo : James McLeod April 11, 2014

Geoff Meeker - Geoff Meeker (Meeker on Media) Blog

Farewell, John - He was, without doubt, one of the best radio hosts in the history of broadcasting in this province. That’s a big statement, I know, but John Furlong was a rare breed. News of his passing overnight hit me this morning like a punch in the gut. I just wasn’t expecting that at all – didn’t even know he was ill. This is what John Gushue, one of Furlong’s colleagues at CBC, wrote this morning on his Facebook wall: We are profoundly sad to tell you that our friend John Furlong died overnight after a short bout with cancer. We are heartbroken. John was 63. He had only recently been diagnosed with cancer, and hosted his last show on Radio Noon on March 3. During his long career with CBC, John hosted the Fisheries Broadcast between 2005 and 2013; was senior producer of Here & Now; produced the St. John's Morning Show; wrote commentaries for our website; and helped launch the documentary series Soundings in 1994. John was acerbic, sharp-witted, curious and one of the best interviewers we've ever had. He was passionate about broadcasting, and was at his best in our studios. He spoke his mind, but always respected the opinions of others. We cannot believe he is no longer with us. - John Gushue   There’s a nicely done story about John’s passing at the CBC site. I first interviewed John for this blog in May of 2007, after the Radio Noon Crosstalk that he was hosting went completely pear-shaped (the topic was abortion).…

Photo : Geoff Meeker April 16, 2014

Kenn Oliver - Kenn Oliver Blog

Herder heresy - Lost in the controversy over where this year’s Herder Memorial Trophy series games will be played is the trophy itself. What people forget is that this trophy does not belong to Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador. Nor does it belong to the Cataracts or the newly formed Newfoundland Senior Hockey League. It doesn’t belong to this paper, the title sponsor of the provincial senior championship series.  It’s still the rightful property of the Herder clan and knowing how dearly they regard the award — named in honour of their late loved ones — I would imagine this latest controversy has them wondering why they would continue to have their prestigious family name tarnished while half-truths are being thrown around by both sides of this contentious debate. Were I part of the Herder clan, I would approach Hockey NL and the league executive and inform them that they can have their championship series, but the hardware hoisted when the buzzer sounds on the series clinching game won’t be the Herder Memorial Trophy. Instead, the Herder family should take the trophy over to the Eddie Oates and the Avalon East senior league and allow them to play for it in their championship series. As an amateur league, they have more right to it than the semi-professional NSHL and it’s massive payrolls. After all, the award original purpose was an award for the top amateur senior men’s team in the province, not the ones who could spend the most money or put the most fans in the stands. It…

Photo : Kenn Oliver January 19, 2012