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A budding business in Grand Falls-Windsor

Nova Budds, a medical marijuana dispensary, has opened for business in Grand Falls-Windsor.
Nova Budds, a medical marijuana dispensary, has opened for business in Grand Falls-Windsor.

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR — There is a friendly stranger looking to do business in Grand Falls-Windsor.

With more than a year remaining before marijuana sales become legal in this country, that stranger seems to have showed up early.

Nova Budds Grand Falls-Windsor has announced its arrival on social media. A subsidiary of a larger Nova Scotia based dispensary, local resident Rodney White operates the new shop. 

“I’m with a bigger company, so basically if there are any problem I refer it to them,” said White. “The police came here not too long ago, they told me first I wasn’t allowed to have it, then when I told them I was with a bigger company and they told me then the only way I’m allowed to have it is on the Internet.”

White is adamant he will only do business with authorized medical users and has had issues at the store with demanding clientele. White also insists there are no marijuana sales at the store, although there are samples medical users can inspect. 

“There are a lot of people that just come in off the street and they are coming in and trying to buy it,” said White, “There getting a bit pushy with it, which I do not appreciate. I just basically tell them, go get the card (for medical approval).”

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary claims to be located next to Nasty Habits on Main St. However the storefront is vacant, and Grand Falls-Windsor Mayor Barry Manuel says no license has been issued and there is no business on file with the town under that name. 

“It was brought our attention recently, in terms of unsubstantiated reports,” said Manuel. “From a town perspective we certainly didn’t approve a business permit for medical marijuana.”

Manuel says the town has received applications from prospective business operators interested in setting up shop. However, current legislation does not allow for storefront sales of recreational or medical marijuana, leaving the town with only one option. 

“When we went and asked the question of government we were told quite plainly it was illegal,” said Manuel. “As long as that is the case, we won’t be entertaining any business permits dealing with that.”

While the storefront space claimed by the company may not be in operation, the company has a website where purchases can be made. The website claims to work like any other, purchase your product online, and receive delivery in the mail, or by hand, a few days later. 

The RCMP are aware of the business, and are monitoring the situation. 
“All I can say at the moment is unless a person has a license from Health Canada it is illegal for them to be in possession of cannabis,” said Cpl. Mike Hall, operational support NCO for the Grand Falls-Windsor detachment. “When people ask about it I tell them go to your doctor, discuss it and see whether or not they will prescribe it. Don’t just go to your neighbourhood dealer.”

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