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Argentia Gold cannabis production facility registered for environmental assessment

Argentia Gold Corporation has been plans for its medical marijuana project in 2018.
Argentia Gold Corporation's cannibis production facility has been registered for environmental assessment. - Submitted

PLACENTIA, NL – Argentia Gold Corporation is aiming to complete construction of an 80,000-square-foot hydroponic facility to produce medical cannabis early this year.

It will first have to pass through the provincial government’s environmental assessment process, however.

The project was registered with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment on Tuesday, Feb. 6, according to an environmental assessment bulletin issued by the department on Wednesday.

The facility will be located in the Argentia Industrial Park. The company is planning to refurbish an existing building to create hermetically sealed, climate controlled, fully automatic growing rooms.

The facility is accessible by existing roads and is connected to the municipal water and sewer systems, the bulletin states.

Argentia Gold is hoping to start production this fall.

The deadline for public comments on the project is March 14. Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce’s decision is due by March 23.

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