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Businessman says Stephenville operating in violation of tendering act

Local businessman Clayton Billard said a finding the Town of Stephenville is operating in violation of the Public Tender Act show the lack of faith he has with the current council.

Billard is basing his opinion on an email to from the Government Purchasing Agency regarding a lack of a tender over animal control and municipal enforcement services for the town.

The agency write that, based on the information received and the facts as the purchasing agency understands them, it would appear these services, as provided during the time of the review, would be considered tenderable services under the Public Tender Act and subject to the legislation.

In January 2015, Billard received the same answer from the agency in relation to another inquiry regarding a security contract let by the Town of Stephenville.

In both letters,  the Government Purchasing Agency had provided the Town of Stephenville with its view regarding this matter.

Mayor Tom O’Brien said the town is reviewing the communication from the Government Purchasing Agency and considering the town’s options.

At Thursday’s regular general meeting of the Stephenville town council, Coun. Tom Rose said operating the town in the most efficient manner financially is an important consideration.

He said at the meeting he wanted to raise the issue that council and staff have to be cognizant of following the Public Tendering Act legislation on anything the town contracts out, from municipal enforcement to animal control and all other areas.

“Having a tender on services that we contract is going to save us money,” he said.

Mayor Tom O’Brien said he agreed with Rose on the issue.


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