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Corner Brook business group encourages ban on plastic bags

The Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade supports a province-wide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. It says it believes education and voluntary measures will no work.

Sheldon Peddle

“The detrimental effects of plastic shopping bags on our environment are already well known, as are the alternatives that exist, yet we have not seen any substantial decrease in their use," board president Sheldon Peddle said in a prepared release.

"Voluntary measures are not working.”     

In a recent survey of board members, 62.5 per cent supported a regulated ban and 32.5 per cent felt increased education and voluntary measures alone would suffice. Of business owners, 62 per cent support a regulated ban, the board release stated, with only half that number opting instead for education and voluntary compliance.  

In addition to environmental benefits, the board said the impact of a plastic bag ban on businesses could also be positive as businesses will no longer need to purchase bags if consumers provide their own re-usable bags.  

“We are joining Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador in calling upon our provincial government to show leadership on this issue and implement a ban," the release stated.

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