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Deer Lake businessman pleads guilty to uttering threat against man he says bullied him


After what he described as years of bullying, a Deer Lake businessman resolved to confront the man and tell him he would accept it no more.

So on May 3, Philip Roy Whalen, 68, went to the younger man’s place of work.
He had a knife with him that day and threatened to stab the man in the stomach and neck.
That incident resulted in him being charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.
Whalen entered a guilty plea to the charge during an appearance in provincial court in Corner Brook on Friday afternoon.
When given an opportunity to speak, Whalen said the verbal abuse by the man occurred repeatedly at an annual social event they both attended.
Whalen said when the man drinks he becomes an "obnoxious, aggressive bully and feels free to bully him at will.”
After enduring it for 5-6 years, Whalen said it did nothing for his self-esteem and that is why he decided to confront the man.
“To tell him that I had been finished with accepting all his ridicule, his insults, his barrage of insults and all the rest of the bullshit that he went on.”
He said he told the man he brought the knife with him just to make sure he paid attention.
Whalen admitted that during the course of the conversation his language got out of control and, in a rant, did say if it continued he would end up with a knife in his neck and he’d probably be the one to put it there. He said he told him: “So for Jesus sake, smarten up, mend your ways, so everybody could move on.”
The Crown suggested a suspended sentence with 12 months probation. Conditions of the sentence include that he not have any contact with the younger man and that he participate in any counselling recommended by his probation officer.
His lawyer, Jim Goudie, said the Crown’s suggestion was an appropriate one and asked the court to agree to it.
Judge Wayne Gorman granted the request. He told Whalen the threat was a very serious one, even it he didn’t intend to carry it out, and the possession of a knife at the time adds to the seriousness of the offence.
Based on the background provided by Whalen, Gorman said it was understandable that he would want to speak with the man.
In addition to the probation, Whalen must make a $250 donation to a food bank and pay a victim fine surcharge of $100 to the court.
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