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High Performance Sports Equipment

Carolyn Walsh is owner/operator of High Performance Sports Equipment in Conception Bay South.  She is shown here in a display of dance and gymnastics costumers, including sweaters for figure skating and Kiss-And-Cry bags.
Carolyn Walsh is owner/operator of High Performance Sports Equipment in Conception Bay South. She is shown here in a display of dance and gymnastics costumers, including sweaters for figure skating and Kiss-And-Cry bags.

We are a sporting goods store in Conception Bay South. It all started as a mobile business in 2013 with a focus on figure skating and earlier this year we moved into a permanent home at 251 Conception Bay Highway. We are excited to be expanding into other areas of sport.

High Performance Sports Equipment is located at no. 251 Main Conception Bay South Highway (opposite St. George’s School).

Athletes work hard perfecting their skills to achieve their goals. Their equipment should help them not hold them back! We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure every athlete has equipment that is the right ἀt and right strength for them.

“Every skater is different,” says Carolyn. “I focus on putting each skater in the correct skate. Going too high, too quickly in the types and levels of skates is not necessarily a good thing.”

We are in the process of building our inventory for all sports and as we do this we would love to hear from local athletes on what they are looking for in particular. If there is something you want to see or want more information about please tell us and we will do our best to order it in for you. We may even add it to our regular inventory.

What are your signature products/services?

One Team is a world-wide movement with the goal of having synchronized skating included in the Olympics. Each shirt sold adds dollars to the cause!

Skating is our main sport as that is what we started out with. We custom-fit each skater to make sure they are in the right skate for their level. It’s not simply about fit. It’s also about strength. We also sharpen skates and Carolyn Walsh (owner/operator) has spent many years training with top figure skate sharpeners including the inventor of the Incredible edger sharpening machine, which is used by Olympic Organizations around the world.

We are the only distributor of the Champion Skating Harness. We custom-order, so if we don’t carry an item in our regular inventory we will try our best to get it for you.

What is the secret to your success?

It’s not really a secret but Carolyn says, “I truly love what I do, I don’t feel like I am going to work, even if it’s a matter of spending 12+ hours sitting at a rink! I have a passion for sports and love meeting new customers and getting to know them.”

What brands do you carry?

High Performance carries Riedell, Gam, Edea, Mondor, Jerry’s Skating World, CCM, Bauer, Kiss & Cry, Gaiam, Spri, 360 Athletics.

What inspires you to be the best in your field?

“My love of sports and fitness, and my passion for people-pleasing. More than making a sale, I want my customers to be happy with the products they use. When a skater tells me they love their new skates and returns for another pair, that’s the best thanks I can get!”

People are surprised to know…

A display of yoga and fitness products such as foam rollers, A pull-up assister and gravity trainers.

“We are not just into figure skating. I currently have stock in Dance, Gymnastics, Hockey, Yoga, Fitness and Hockey and am constantly growing my inventory. We have a rental space upstairs at 251 Conception Bay South Highway and it’s perfect for a fitness class or meeting

What is your guilty pleasure?

“I so much enjoy opening new stock and even trying out the products. In this way, I get to know the inventory well.

Contributions to the community?

“I am very involved with the community. I was on the committee for Hockeyville when it was won by CBS in 2011. I was also a member of the NL Summer Games Host Committee when the games were held in CBS in 2016. I volunteer with our local skating club and any chance I get I try to support community fundraisers from the business and personal sides.

High Performance Sports Equipment does an annual food drive for the local food bank and we do other fundraisers throughout the year for other charities in need. Two of our other favorites to support of Jorja’s Journeys and The Gathering Place. We also support One Team MVMT which works to support the development of synchronized skating at the local and global level, defined by their four pillars of success, Promote, Support, Develop and Unite.

Don’t leave our business without trying…

Get custom-fitted for a pair of skates to find the best pair for you. Test out our Champion Skating Harness, it’s an amazing off-ice training tool that can help skaters get their perfect position for spins and jumps.

High Performance Sports Equipment
251 Main Highway
Conception Bay South
Carolyn Walsh: 709-834-8653

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