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New program will see used oil collected, recycled

Changes to solid waste-Resource management regulations will require industry to be ready with programs to recycle new products by Jan. 1, 2020.
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The Used Oil Management Association (UOMA) Atlantic will be leading a new program within the province to collect and recycle used oil and glycol products, it was announced Wednesday.

Approved by the province’s Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) to manage and deliver a program on behalf of producers, the used oil program will redirect the disposal of used oil and glycol products and containers from landfills, and is intended to strengthen the province’s waste management services for residents and communities.

“We are pleased to be a partner in changing the way that used oil and glycol products are disposed in this province,” Jean Duchesneau, general manager, UOMA Atlantic, said in a news release.

“This program has producers take responsibility for their products so they are safely collected and recycled.”

UOMA Atlantic is a non-profit organization established by the producers of oil and glycol products to manage the collection and recycling of their products from the point of production to end-of-life treatment.

Beginning Oct.1, 2019, under the new regulations registered collectors with UOMA Atlantic will pick up used oil and glycol, used oil filters, and used oil and glycol containers (50 litres or less) including lubricating and brake cleaner aerosol cans.

Products will be picked up from businesses such as garages and car dealerships that generate used oil and glycol products. These businesses can also register as a community collection facility. UOMA will also engage with the provinces Regional Waste Management Authorities to collect used oil and glycol products.

“The end-of-life treatment of products is a corner-stone of effective waste diversion programs,” said Dermot Flynn, chair of the MMSB.

“By diverting used oil and glycol products we help protect our environment and ensure the well-being of communities around the province.”
UOMA Atlantic has already begun contacting garages and car dealerships in the province to share information on the program and the requirements under the government’s new regulations and to identify community collection facilities.

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