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Memorial University students work toward better breakfasts for kids

Members of Enactus Memorial dish out Smart Cookie, a health-conscious cookie dough that will raise funds for breakfasts for kids.
Members of Enactus Memorial dish out Smart Cookie, a health-conscious cookie dough that will raise funds for breakfasts for kids. - Submitted

Cookie dough gives early boost

Enactus Memorial, a student-run nonprofit organization, is using cookie dough to make a difference for children who don’t have access to a proper breakfast.

At first, the group tried to create nutritional bars. Dietitians gave it a thumbs-up, but kids did not.

Taylor Young, president of Enactus Memorial, said they wanted to create a product children would enjoy.

“We tried it out with a group of kids and they spit out every single one. They hated them. That’s when we decided it would be hard to please both the dietitians and the kids,” Young said.

That setback didn’t stop them. Their next idea got the approval they wanted.

Smart Cookie is a health-conscious cookie dough that looks and tastes like cookie dough but is filled with nutrients and ingredients that dietitians and nutritionists approve of.

“We brought the kids back in, they tried it and they gave it the thumbs up. They liked it. Finally, we had a product that was approved by dietitians and the kids,” Young said.

Pre-sales online started Tuesday and they made $2,000 in a day. They’ve also had interest from retailers.

Every 3.5 oz. container sold will fund one breakfast for a child in need. They’re still working with organizations regarding delivery of breakfasts.

Abbie Ricketts, one of the vice-presidents of Enactus Memorial, said the project came to mind three months ago.

“We’ve realized there’s a real gap in the market for low-cost but also really nutritious snacks,” Ricketts said.

There is also a gap when it comes to breakfast programs in Newfoundland and Labrador, she said.

“I had a breakfast program in my school, but most didn’t. Even the program I had in my school was very lacking.”

Breakfast is crucial to the full potential of children’s learning, she said.

“When we started looking into it, we saw more stats of children who don’t get a breakfast. They miss out on almost 50 per cent of their learning for the day.”

Enactus has a regional competition coming up this weekend in Halifax, where Enactus teams will present their projects and the positive impact they’ve had on their communities.

Smart Cookie is being sold in packs of eight for $20. They are also being sold to offices, with 30 servings for $67.50.

More information about Smart Cookie is available online at, where purchases can also be made.

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