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Torbay enhances community infrastructure

The Town of Torbay will develop three heritage sites to support tourism development and economic diversification thanks to funds announced for the community on Friday afternoon.

St. John’s East MP Nick Whalen and Virginia Watters-Pleasantville MHA Bernard Davis co-announced the funding of $610,000, $447,316 will come from ACOA and $150,000 will come from the provincial department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development.

The government investments will help Torbay expand and improve a playground, several heritage sites and connections to East Coast Trail. These sites will offer coastline views, interpretive experiences and heritage education.

“The Town of Torbay warmly welcomes this funding. These projects will allow us to continue to grow our town’s sense of community, help us attract more visitors to Torbay and help us to truly celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday,” Mayor Ralph Tapper said in a news release.

In addition, to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, the Town of Torbay is also receiving $150,250 from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) to build a splash pad at the Kinsmen Centre and Park.

The town has also received $18,700 from Canadian Heritage for a number of Canada 150 events to be held in Torbay in 2017, including a hockey tournament and outdoor sports events in the winter, and a Canada/Torbay birthday celebration in August.

“Newfoundland and Labrador is known the world over for our rich culture, strong heritage and spectacular scenery. Investments like these from the Government of Canada help communities like Torbay make the most of all of these features in order to build strong, diverse and resilient communities, and create jobs,’’ Whalen said

“These Canada 150 investments also help improve community spaces and events while celebrating our nation.”

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