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University student from Herring Neck starts clothing company line

Herring Neck native Cameron Rice has set his sights on selling a unique clothing line.
Herring Neck native Cameron Rice has set his sights on selling a unique clothing line. - Submitted

Shoal Cove Clothing also helping Change Island ponies

HERRING NECK/ST. JOHN’S, NL – People may know him for his part in initiating and organizing the Herring Neck Dory Festival, but now Cameron Rice has another venture.

At just 18, the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador student has recently started his own clothing line, Shoal Cove Clothing Company.

“In Herring Neck we have little names on each cove in each community, so my little place is called Shoal Cove,” Rice said.

With his first shipment arriving less than two weeks ago, he said sales are going well for such an early stage.

Being a university student, a couple of months ago he began thinking about ideas to bring in a few dollars to help out.

“I have been doing clothing orders for sports jerseys and stuff for years, so I thought maybe that will work,” Rice said. “I started drawing up designs and made a few phone calls and here we are.”

He started the company on his own, but he had help from his girlfriend, Madison Baker.

“When things got stressful and you started to wonder ‘should I continue doing this?’ my girlfriend Madison was there by my side and helped me make some executive decisions in the whole process,” Rice said.

He has two products right now –  a three-quarter sleeve shirt with the Shoal Cove Clothing Company logo, which he said a lot of people like, especially those from Shoal Cove, and a T-shirt called Free Riders.
For every Free Riders shirt sold, he donates $5 to the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary on Change Islands.

“I remember in 2011 going to Change Islands and getting on the ponies,” Rice said. “Back then they hadn’t had a lot of money, they were just starting it out and I remember how awesome it felt to just be able to go over, get on a horse, ride around and see the horses, and everybody was so friendly over there.
“I personally love Change Islands because it’s so colourful and it feels like you go right back in time when you go over there. Everything is so nice and kept up.”

He made a trip to Change Islands and met Netta LeDrew who runs the sanctuary, who was more than thrilled, he said, that he had the idea to do the shirts.

Current sales are mostly on Facebook and word of mouth, and he’s hoping to get a website soon to make it easier to access.

Visit Shoal Cove Clothing Co. on Facebook to see the products. Go to the ‘shop’ section where the products are listed with prices and sizes. Anyone wanting to order can send a message and Rice will get back to you with options.

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