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You want this fast.Your double-double ordered through the drive-through.Your tax return. Oil changes.Time at the gym in hopes of washboard abs.

We all love shaving seconds off the clock.

The same is true for getting your news on your mobile device.

So TC Media newspapers, including The Telegram, have teamed up with Google Canada — and other major Canadian news leaders such as The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Postmedia — to make the web as quick as possible.

In fact, by using open-source code, four-times faster thanks to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Publishers, including TC Media, know readers have no patience for slow load times. So when you search for a topic on Google or through Google News, the search engine will see a roster of AMP designed stories from TC Media and other media partners – highlighted by a little lightening bolt symbol — that will load onto mobile devices reportedly as quickly as an app.

“Until AMP, time had the occasional habit of slowing down on the mobile web,” Google Canada’s Head of Partnerships, Mladen Raickovic, points out in a blog post.

“A slow mobile web is a bad experience for users seeking information online, and it’s bad for publishers who want readers to quickly access and enjoy the content they’re created.”

That’s why Google joined others across the Canadian news industry last October in the Accelerated Mobile Pages project.

Raickovic writes AMP webpages use 10 times less data than equivalent non-AMP pages. That’s good for users who want their news on the fly.

“Any story you choose to read will load blazingly fast – and it’s easy to scroll through the article without it taking forever to load or jumping all around as you read,” Raickovic explains.

Thane Burnett, TC Media content director for Atlantic Canada, said it’s a welcome advance for those who love the news and want it now

“Back when most of us started working with newspapers, we couldn’t reach readers until that print edition was dropped off with a thud on someone’s front porch or sold from a box on the street,” Burnett said.

“AMP is a really cool example of how we’re putting local news in the palm of our readers’ hands in the blink of an eye – or faster. This mobile technology and advances were science fiction not too many years ago.”

Those washboard abs aren’t likely to happen quickly. But your news just sped up.



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