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60 years of dedication to Botwood Lions Club

Art Snow has been a volunteer with the Lions Club for 60 years.
Art Snow has been a volunteer with the Lions Club for 60 years. - Samantha Gardiner

Longest standing Lions Club member recounts why he joined decades ago

BOTWOOD, NL – Art Snow of Botwood has spent most of his life volunteering as a member of the Botwood Lions Club.  
October 2017 marked 60 years of volunteerism for Snow, the longest-standing member of the Botwood club.  

When Snow was 17, his family’s home burned down. With no insurance, the family of 12 wasn’t sure what they would do, Snow told the Advertiser.  
That was when the local Lions Club came to the family’s aid and gave his father money to rebuild their home.  

When Snow was 24, joined the Lions Club as a way to repay the Lions for the money the club gave his family in its time of need.  

Throughout his 60 years in the club, Snow has served as club president and been active on most all committees, and has attended every dinner meeting.  

At 84 years old, he is still an active member of the club. Although a recent health failure has slowed him down some, he still attends all regular meetings.  

In 2013 Snow won the Melvin Jones Award, the highest award a Lion can receive.  
For 57 of his 60 years of service, he never missed a meeting.  

“I’d say I’ll be in it until I dies,” said Snow.  

The most rewarding thing about being a Lion is helping people who are less fortunate than himself, said Snow.  
He recalls an incident approximately 40 years ago when a family of six from Northern Arm lost their home in a fire, as Snow’s family did years before.  

With help from the Lions Club and the community, the very next day a house was built for the family to move into that night.  

“It was a privilege being in it, helping those less fortunate than you,” said Snow. 
“I would encourage anyone to join the Lions Club (and) do volunteer work – 

it’ll never hurt you.” 

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