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ASK THE PEOPLE: What are you thankful for?

As we get ready to celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend we thought it would be a great idea to chat with some local school children to find out what it is that they’re thankful for. So, we paid a visit to Sacred Heart Elementary in Corner Brook to talk with some Grade 4, 5 and 6 students.

We asked: What are you thankful for?

Jael Stoffelsen

Grade 4

I’m thankful for the Earth and for all the great things in it. Because if we didn’t have the Earth we would be out in space and we wouldn’t be able to have the things that the Earth provides us with. So, we wouldn’t have things that we need. We wouldn’t be able to find water, or food or anything. And we won’t be able to grow gardens.

Alex Hynes

Grade 4

My mom bringing me to really cool and fun places. My Nan’s house. She has a lot of toys.

Dominic Vincent

Grade 5

I’m thankful for my parents. Well, without my parents I wouldn’t be here. I’m also thankful for my house because some people in different parts of the world don’t have houses.

Brooklynn Dunphy

Grade 5

I’m thankful for my family. They’re very funny and they’re very nice and they’d do anything for me.

Kaitlyn Sheppard

Grade 6

I’m thankful for my sisters because they’re always there for me. If I’m upset they can help me when I’m sad or if I’m just having a bad day in general. And I’m thankful for my parents because they make sure I have clean clothes, I have a house to live in and that I’m not getting into trouble and they take me to places during summer and make sure I’m having a good time.

Gavin Doman

Grade 6

I’m thankful for my parents for helping me with homework and everything and taking me places and doing things for me. They take me to guitar, and singing and they also take me to basketball. And they also pay for all that stuff for me, which I’m really thankful for that.

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