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Best of The West: Kennedy Hoddinott

Kennedy Hoddinott
Kennedy Hoddinott - Gary Shaw


As we continue to seek out the Best of The West in this ongoing series of exceptional young people from our community of Labrador West, there will be no better version than this week’s installment.

Meet Kennedy Hoddinott. Kennedy, the nine-year-old daughter of Andy and Jennifer Hoddinott, is a Grade 4 student at J.R.S. School in Wabush.


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Kennedy enjoys school and achieves excellent results in her marks. She likes her teacher and has her group of friends at school that she shares the social side with, and its many activities, which is an important part of the growth of all of our children.

Kennedy’s favorite subject is art and she shares her many efforts at a level, far beyond her years, in many aspects of its forms.

She has and displays an incredible passion for the arts and loves to act and sing. She has been front row and centre on the stage at the Labrador West Arts and Culture Centre from a very young age performing her acting skills and singing solo songs to a full house.

Her most recent venture on the stage at the Arts and Culture Centre with the Carol Players was in their delivery of “Much at Play”. This great effort was a series of Robert Munsch original stories that was a great treat for all who attended.

In Kennedy’s ongoing efforts in expanding her acting and singing passion, she is now into her third year of voice lessons. Her voice teacher is Tiffany Brinston. Kennedy enjoys every minute she spends with her and the many lessons she continues to learn. There is certainly no sign of slowing down.

Kennedy has a very broad and varied view of the world for one so young. During the recent annual Janeway Telethon this past June in Labrador West, Kennedy’s exposure to this event hatched an idea in her head that she too could help.

She decided to start a campaign to raise money for the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre as her way of saying thanks for their many efforts. With the help of her Mom and her Nan, with an ongoing commitment to their bake sales and the constant effort of Dad with Kennedy in the passenger seat making their rounds gathering recyclables, she is making a difference in something that really matters. So far she has collected $800, with no sign of an end anywhere in sight.

On her most recent trip to St. John’s, Kennedy made a very personal donation to someone who really needed something special. She sat quietly in a chair and had seven inches of her hair cut off to make a wig for a cancer patient, a gift that is perhaps as important as the medical treatment this patient will receive.

Many times great kids come from great parents. There is no better example of this than Andy and Jennifer. Remember, Kennedy is only nine, just imagine, at the rate she is already going, what she will give to our community as the years pass.  

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