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Catalina Guides recognize 100 years with a look back at uniforms over the years

The Catalina unit of Girl Guides in different guiding uniforms through the years.
The Catalina unit of Girl Guides in different guiding uniforms through the years. - Contributed

TRINITY BAY NORTH, N.L. — The Guides of the Catalina unit recognized the 100th anniversary of Guiding Newfoundland and Labrador in a unique way.

The group took a photo showcasing the many different uniforms worn by Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders through the years.

Marsha Goodyear is the Girl Guides Discovery District commissioner. She told The Packet that most of the uniforms came from longtime Guider Frances Sweetland in Bonavista.

“She has been in Guiding for 80 years and is still an active Guider with Brownies in Bonavista,” said Goodyear in a message to The Packet.

The light brown uniform was Sweetland’s daughter’s and was worn in 1965, while several others were worn by Sweetland herself and date back to before Newfoundland’s confederation to Canada in 1949.

Goodyear says one of the Guide uniforms belongs to her, and the pink Sparks uniform is courtesy of her cousin.

The leader of the Catalina unit — which includes about 30 members including members from Port Rexton — is Pam Cullimore.

One of the Guide uniforms was given to her by a family member and was worn by a former Catalina Guide.

Goodyear says the orange Brownie shirt was worn by a former Brownie from Bonavista; another of the Guide shirts comes from a former Guider in Little Catalina; while the rest are courtesy of Sweetland.

“A lot of Guiding history in that photo,” remarked Goodyear.

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