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Creating the Traytown Rink

TRAYTOWN, NL – Like many towns in Newfoundland and Labrador, Traytown has the infrastructure for an outdoor skating rink.

When it comes to making the rink, however, it’s not so much about having the structure, and more about the volunteers who come to flood, shovel and snow blow the surface all winter long.

Volunteers in Traytown give close to 100 hours of their time each winter to make the rink into beautiful – and free – outdoor public space.

Support from community organizations also makes a big difference. The pump and hose used to flood the rink is borrowed from Terra Nova National Park each year.

Upgrades to the rink’s concrete completed by­ Canadian Armed Forces save volunteers a lot of work by keeping water sprayed on the ice within the rink walls.

Anyone who would like to volunteer at the rink can contact John Denty of the Traytown recreation committee at (709) 533-2110.

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