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It looks like Corner Brook will have a Come Home Year

The Corner Brook Come Home Year 2019 committee is hopeful it will have some good news to share after next Monday’s council meeting.

Gladys Batten is co-chairing the steering committee set up to organize the celebration.


'Gladys Batten’s suggestion for a Corner Brook Come Home Year seems to be taking off'

She’s the one who initially launched the idea by setting up a Facebook group to gauge interest.

The group has 7,255 members and up to just over a week ago had been known as the Proposed Corner Brook Come Home Year. 

The proposed got dropped amid hints of some news coming around Nov. 21.

Batten didn’t want to do an interview on what might be coming, but in a Facebook message she said the topic is up for vote by council on Nov. 20. And in the meantime the committee is getting itself in order.

Mayor Jim Parsons said the group has asked the city for its general support for the celebration.

He said it’s about making sure the city is OK with what they’re doing, and about going ahead in co-ordination with the city.

He said the group has not asked for any funding at this point, but once things are set he expects it will look for sponsorships.

Parsons didn’t say what type of financial assistance the city would or could provide.

“For sure I think when you have grassroots efforts like these we should find ways to support them.”
“This is more than a year and half away, so that’s a way’s away, and by then my sincere hope is that the city itself has some broader tourism strategy implemented.”

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