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Residents of Eastport Peninsula dip into their wallets and the frigid water

Eastport Peninsula residents brave the cold for a good cause during the first Dip for Dollars in 2015.
Eastport Peninsula residents brave the cold for a good cause during the first Dip for Dollars in 2015. - Submitted

Money raised will go to help repair the Church of Resurrection in Sandringham

EASTPORT, NL - The Church of Resurrection in Sandringham is need of roof repairs, and residents have taken it upon themselves to take the dip and pitch in.

A polar dip is on the agenda for April 28 at 1 p.m. at Eastport Beach, which will have participants taking the plunge into the frigid Atlantic Ocean to help raise money for the repairs of the church, which was originally constructed in 1963. The work is being commissioned by the Sandringham Church Roof Repair Fund, and committee member Gerard Noseworthy is no stranger to the dip.

“That’s the same thing we did in Eastport; we raised over $25,000 in that one,” Noseworthy said.

Participants will sign up through the Sandringham Church Roof Repair Fund Facebook group and receive a pledge sheet to obtain sponsors for the event.

“We’re expecting a couple of hundred people again for sure,” Noseworthy said. “Maybe 200 or 300.”

As of now there is only an estimated cost for the roof repair, but every dipper and every sponsor helps the cause.

“Well, what happens is we’ve got the roof up for tenders, so the bids are out,” Noseworthy said. “We’re estimating around $35,000.”

The committee isn’t stopping with the polar dip, however. There are several other fundraising efforts in place with one goal in mind. As of April 9, the committee had raised $12.895 from business and independent donations. There have also been previous events and more events on the horizon.

“We’ve done Shingles for Christmas, we’ve done a bake sale, this Saturday out at Sandringham Church we’re having a roast beef supper, and we’re having auctions on the (Facebook) group,” Noseworthy said. “It’s the Eastport Peninsula, so everybody is getting involved. It’s not only Sandringham.

"We’re raising money in various ways. As soon as we get the money we’re going to start construction.”

The Facebook group has 234 members currently, with the event group Dip for Dollars having 209.

Noseworthy’s Facebook post pinned to the top of the church repair group reads: “Over the years a lot of people have entered this church. A lot of happy times. A lot of sad times. Now it’s our time to help the church. A lot of people have moved away, but their hearts are still at home.” That is exactly the spirit they are looking for. 

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