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St. John’s Regional Fire Department issues statement on fireworks sales

Fall Fair - Fireworks
Fireworks - Katie Tower/SaltWire Network file photo

ST. JOHN’S, NL – In advance of holiday and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD) has some reminders.

All fireworks vendors in areas served by SJRFD are required to have people on staff who are certified to sell consumer fireworks.  

Those selling fireworks must instruct the purchaser on various safety precautions, such as checking wind speed and direction in advance of lighting fireworks, checking recommended clearances, having water nearby, and reading fireworks instructions.

A “Consumer Fireworks Instruction Brochure” is also required to be given to all purchasers.

People buying fireworks are required to sign a purchaser form indicating their name, address, where the fireworks will be fired, and verifying the area has the required clearances.

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